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The "Noosphere Art Wave" Project.

Purpose  – organization of an expedition to the pyramid which controls the  global  pyramid  system.  It  contains  a  timer  which activates pyramids  throughout  all the globe for harmonization of the noosphere and  gradual  shift  of  planet’s frequency range during the period of change  of  the  planetary  cycles  reflected in the Mayan calendar. A preliminary  stage  is  the  deciphering  of  the ancient languages of Atlanteans,  Lemurians  and  other civilizations. Information on which had been obtained in Riga in 1994, in a 24-page text written in Senzar language.  It  is planned to conduct research on the space structuring in  pyramids  with  the  help  of audio-matrices of images, planets and stars.

The project participants include:

- Noosphere Forum
- Fundacion Soliris
- Institute of new cosmology and the science of time
- The Tesla Science Foundation
- “School of Cosmo-healers”
-  Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly (NSEWA, World Assembly)
- Stavropigion University
- Non-commercial Partnership – Biology of XXI-st century
- Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology
- Ukrainian Academy of Healing
- Western Center of Energy and Information Science
- Public Institute of Energoinformational Technology and Sociotechnical expertise


Details of the "Noosphere Art Wave" Project

Part 1. Noosphere correction module

In 1994 the telecast of "Unknown Universe" program series was shown on Russian NTV television channel in Riga, Latvia. In the “Cosmic Medicine” section, the healing sessions hosted by sisters -- Ludmila Puterbrot and Anna Borodina -- were presented. One of the tele-viewers contacted with the Noosphere informative field after watching this program. By automatic writing, she received 24 pages of text, diagrams, charts and formulae in an unknown language.
After years of attempts to decode these texts, the information was partially deciphered.
It became clear that this language is Senzar. It was spoken in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria for communication with extraterrestrial civilizations.
The scheme of nine-tier Pyramid is shown in the texts. At each of its facets hieroglyphics are drawn. A theory is there that they are the sono-graphs, a special graphical form of sound recording. There’s a science of Cymatics which in essence studies how the sounds produce symbols, and vice versa, how each symbol radiates a sound. Torsion field physics tells us that every symbol radiates a nonlinear torsion field. Thus, the nine tiers of the pyramid radiate certain vibrations. Each tier of the Pyramid corresponds to a digit. Pronunciation of the Digit brings about activation of the radiation of corresponding tier of a Pyramid. The digital cosmo-matrices (sets of numbers) were received, the pronunciation of which activates certain sequences of Pyramid radiation. As a result, a vortex appears above it, which draws surrounding space into the Pyramid and cleanses it from the negative.
This pyramid is called the Noosphere Correction Module. It is embedded into one of the junctions (nodes) of the Planetary Grid, on which grid the Global Pyramid System is founded. The purpose of this system is to purify the Noosphere from the negative. The Global System is particularly activated in the time of change of planetary cycles.
Noosphere Correction Module is a timer which activates the pyramids and other sacral formations located at the nodes of Planetary Grid at the right time. One of the pages contains a map which looks like a section of the Nazca plateau. The plateau is a map, which shows the locations of various pyramids and other sacral structures of the Planet. From this map it became clear that the Noosphere Correction Module is located in Mexico. It is this module that the expedition is planned to reach.


Part 2. Portals. Pyramids’ Activation

Scientist A.F.Okhatrin, academician of the International Academy of Energy-Information Sciences, head of the bio-location lab of the Institute of mineralogy, geochemistry, crystal chemistry and rare elements (rus. acronym -- ИТГРЭ), developer of bio-generators, conducted an experiment with the torsion generators (lepton fields). A beam of a torsion generator was directed to one point. The state of the space of this point was scanned with a magnetometer. After the generator was turned on, a magnetic field emerged in the point, which had been preserved for four days after the experiment was over. This means that the torsion radiation, besides from transmitting the information, also structures the space.
Any shapes and paintings can be torsion generators, since the paint is heterogeneous, and the transition from one state to another records the field of an artist who painted it. Artists of high spirituality create paintings which are the torsion generators of positive energies. They structure the space around them, creating a portal through which the positive energies from other higher dimensions come through.
Sites of Power, which are the locations of sacred structures, such as the pyramids, in different countries, as well as the other megaliths have similar properties. They stand on the nodes of the planetary grid and are the portals to other dimensions.
Paintings placed in such places can serve as a kind of keys to open the doors to other dimensions.
"Noosphere Art Wave" Project is planning a practical use of this information and conducting an experiment of the activation of a pyramid using one of the paintings shown below by putting it into a mirror placed inside of a pyramid.
In 2011-2012 in the Project of Nooshpere Art Wave it is planned to conduct experiments related to activation of the pyramids through various means. One of these means intends to use the DNA Wave biocomputer. It is a device which is capable of scanning the information streams of noosphere and turn them into sound. It had been developed  by P.Gariaev (Ph.D, Biology; academician of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences; academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences) in the Institute of Wave Genetics (Moscow, Russia) and in organization of Non-commercial Partnership Biology of XXI-st century (Moscow, Russia).

DNA Wave biocomputer allows to create the audio-matrices of Roerich paintings, Planets, Stars, as well as other objects.
The device scans the energy fields of miscellaneous objects, photos and turns them into sound. Audio-matrices of Stars structure the space and serve as activation keys for the pyramids. DNA Wave biocomputer exerts influence with the information stream of Stars upon the photos of the pyramids. This activates the Pyramids and brings about stable functioning of the Planet. During the Quantum Transition, when the Mayan cycles change, all the Pyramids function as energy stabilizers of Earth’s magnetic field. This allows the Planet to smoothly switch over to the new conditions of existence.

11.11.2011 an activation of the world-wide pyramid system had been carried out with the help of a DNA sound key, which is encoded into an I-Ching sequence.

DNA key has the following matrix.

With the help of laser quantum bio-computer, the spectra of Yang and Yin energies, of which the I-Ching hexagrams consist, had been received. Based on the DNA key encoded into the I-Ching matrix, a special sound spectrum had been formed.

A transmission of the I-Ching sound key to the pyramid located in Chichen Itza had been carried out with the use of special sound radio-frequency radiation into the space structured by pyramid’s avatar, called the Noosphere’s Correction Module. This brought about the release of the world pyramid system from the sleeping mode. As a consequence of the above, the increase of power (capacity) of pyramids and other sacral structures standing in the nodes of planetary grid is taking place, aimed at stabilization of planet’s field and its preparation to the change of cycles reflected in Mayan calendar.

I Ching is a matrix of DNA instructions of Noosphere’s Crystalline Module. Each command is a hexagram, which has a special vibrational spectrum. In animate nature these commands are represented as letters of which the DNA of human and other forms of life consists. I-Ching matrix consists of 64 hexagrams, each of which has its own number. I-Ching is a dictionary, with the help of which the linguistic (language) sentences in the form of numerical cosmo-matrices may be converted into the DNA language, based on which the Noosphere’s Crystalline Module operates. Thus, the digital cosmo-matrices are the DNA programs which a cosmo-healer receives for a specific situation. They may be translated into sounds, which will create a musical melody, listening to which initiates the DNA program for the necessary aim or event.


Part 3. Noosphere Ethical-Ecological Spiritual School of Humanity – “School of Cosmo-healers”

Persons whose Crystalline Modules are the bifurcation points of Noosphere are called Cosmo-healers. They are connected to Noosphere Correction Module which helps them to harmonize the Noosphere.

If you look at the Planet in a range of subtle bodies, glowing filaments of energy coming from the Correction Module of Noosphere to Cosmo-healers will be seen. Their aura is of bright light colours and of large size.




Photo images of cosmic channels and plasmoids produced with the help of A.F.Okhatrin’s methodology.


During the study in Noosphere Ethical-Ecological Spiritual School of Humanity – “School of Cosmo-healers” various topics are covered, such as:

1. What is the Noosphere. History of beginnings of the Noosphere science.
2. Organization and the energy-information exchange in the Noosphere.
3. Structure of Noosphere.
4. Noosphere Crystalline Module.
5. Global Noosphere Network.
6. Bioplasm.
7. DNA of the Noosphere.
8. Structure and the principle of functioning of the Noosphere Crystalline Modules.
9. DNA of the Noosphere Crystalline Module (NCM).
10. Crystal of the Noosphere Crystalline Module.
11. Bio-plasma of the Noosphere Crystalline Module.
12. Types of the Noosphere Crystalline Module.
13. Time-Spatial channels of the Noosphere Crystal Module.
14. Human Internet network as a part of the Noosphere.
15. Forming of the Noosphere Field of Events and its correction.
16. Torsion fields. Energy-Information Exchange Generators. Paintings of artists as space harmonizers.
17. Crystal cones of the Noosphere Crystalline Module.
18. Influence of the sound upon the Ether.
19. Classification of Curators, Teachers and Entities.
20. Methods of Noosphere harmonization developed by Noosphere Ethical-Ecological Spiritual School of Humanity – “School of Cosmo-healers”.
21. Entropy.
22. Field of Events.
23. Methods of diagnostics of the Human Crystalline Module.
24. Balancing of the Bio-plasma – the Human Crystalline Module.
25. Parasitical Channels of the Fields of Events.
26. Cosmo-matrices.
27. Principles of functioning of cosmo-matrices.
28. Types of cosmo-matrices.
29. Numerical cosmo-matrices.
30. Linguistic cosmo-matrices.
31. Musical cosmo-matrices.
32. Synergy.
33. Noospheric channels (riverbeds) of events.
34. Noosphere bifurcation points.
35. Noosphere hyper-cycles.
36. Circular communication structures of the Noosphere.
37. Types of high vibration power supply units (VPS).
38. Methods of switching to different VPS.
39. Cosmo-healers.
40. Territorial Light Networks.
41. Methods and means of creating new Territorial Light Networks.
42. Noosphere Correction Module.
43. Senzar – a language of Atlanteans, Lemurians, and other extraterrestrial civilizations.
44. Types of glyphs of Senzar script. Sonogram as a method of graphical representation of sound.
45. Location of Noosphere Correction Module.
46. Senzar – language of the DNA.
47. Methods of activation of the dormant instructions of holographic DNA computer.
48. Connection of the Noosphere Crystalline Module with cosmo-matrices and DNA activation.
49. Global Pyramid System as a single mechanism for the Noosphere harmonization.
50. Hierarchical structure of the Global Pyramid System.
51. Crystalline Grid of the Planet.
52. Interaction of the Noosphere of Planet Earth with other extraterrestrial civilizations.
53. Types of civilizations.
54. Methods and means of information and contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations.
55. Internal screen.
56. Holographic projection.
57. Devices for treatment and activation of DNA.
58. Information-Channeling link.
59. Methodologies of the Noosphere harmonization and other information received by cosmo-healers.
60. Help of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations in the harmonization of Noosphere on Planet Earth.
61. Diagnostics and treatment methods. 385 subjects of Alternative Medicine.
62. Real cases of harmonization of a human as a Noosphere element.
63. The connection of numbers with the Noosphere Correction Module.
64. List of institutes, where the methods of healing and harmonization were tested and approved in practice.


Part 4. Cosmo-healers’ activation network.



The groups of Cosmo-Healers have been established in 18 countries of the world, such as USA, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, Egypt, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia etc.

Integration of groups located in different countries for synchronization of the Noosphere harmonization process. The work of this group is recounted in S.Druzhko’s program «Inexplicable, but a fact» on REN-TV. Program topic: Contactors (channeling), healing and psychics.

Techniques of Noosphere harmonization have been developed in the Noosphere Ethical-Ecological Spiritual School of Humanity – “School of Cosmo-healers”, part of which are spiritual teaching and healing. Harmonization of humans in the area of Health and Field of Events, which brings about the harmonization of the Noosphere as a whole. Harmonization of a human, as an element of the Noosphere, consists of reduction of the entropy amount in his/her subtle bodies and in the Field of Events. This can be achieved with the use of cosmo-matrices. They consist of a sequence of Words, Numbers, Sounds, with the right rhythms, which generate non-linear torsion fields, which causes activation of dormant DNA language codes and converts the human organism to a higher level of development and functioning. In the process of that, there are energy channels created between the crystals of humans; information exchange takes place through them, which promotes formation of the new variants of events. Through these channels the crystals of humans instantaneously exchange information and experience, which remain in their fields. Through these channels information is transferred from persons of higher vibrational levels to persons with lower vibrations, which increases their frequency range.

This contributes to the harmonization of the space by increasing the frequency range of persons united by channels, which are formed as a consequence of energy-informational interaction with each other.

Cosmo-healers are transformers of high-frequency energy. They process it into a low frequency range and transmit it through the power communication channels to people within their Field of Events.

A scheme of the Noosphere Correction Module has been obtained. It is an image, which is an avatar of the Planet’s main pyramid. This image structures and cleanses the surrounding space. The space obtains properties, which are analogous to the properties in the vicinity of a real pyramid. Within the pyramid a timer is contained, which activates the pyramids throughout all the globe, for harmonization of the Noosphere and a gradual shift of planet’s frequency range during the period of change of the planetary cycles reflected in the Mayan calendar.

The pyramid consists of 9 tiers, upon which special symbols are depicted. Torsion field physics says that every symbol radiates a nonlinear torsion field. Thus, the nine tiers of the pyramid radiate certain types of vibrations. They create a nonlocal quantum teleportation channel, which connects the real pyramid with the location of its avatar. That allows to stabilize the functioning of planetary grid surrounding the pyramid’s avatar. The dormant DNA commands of those persons, who are within the range of action of the pyramid, awaken. The speed of their activation depends on the state of bio-plasma and the planetary channel of human’s crystalline module power supply.

For expansion of the avatar’s range of action, its connection with the crystalline modules of egregors is possible. Planet’s egregors have their own hierarchic level.

Planet’s crystal, to which the other crystalline modules, connected among themselves in that kind of sequence, are linked, is a basis of Noosphere’s information field. Humans’ egregors are linked to the countries’ egregors.

Countries’ egregors consist of the cities’ egregors. The latter ones, in turn, are divided into smaller egregors. For expansion of the range of stabilization and harmonization of space it is possible to use different egregors as energy retransmitters. Their crystalline modules are linked to the crystalline modules of those humans, who are under the (influence of) given egregor, which promotes harmonization of their bio-plasma and a transition to higher frequency functioning level.

That modifies the Field of Events surrounding each person, as a consequence of which the Field of Events of whole countries is modified, which makes it possible to avoid the negative events, such as wars, acts of terror, natural calamities, miscellaneous catastrophes. Special cosmo-matrices have been developed, which make it possible to connect an avatar of the Noopshere’s Correction Module with a city’s egregor. When a sufficient number of activated cities’ egregors in a single country is present, that country’s egregor is triggered, according to the hundredth monkey rule, and starts to function in the mode of retransmitting the energy of Planet’s main pyramid. When a sufficient number of activated countries’ egregors is collected, the Humanity’s egregor is activated, which, in turn, activates the egregors of higher hierarchy ranks. This allows modifying the Field of Events on the Planet towards a more harmonious direction, which promotes prosperous existence in the times of quantum transition. For activation of city’s egregors it is sufficient to unseal (open) a pyramid’s avatar and utter over it a special cosmo-matrix, which triggers a city’s egregor into the mode of retransmission of the energy that cleanses the space from the negative. A list of cities, in which the avatars of Noosphere Correction Module are located, has been published on the web-site.



The photo of a meeting of cosmo-healer Lyudmila Puterbrot with astrologer S.A.Vronsky. Riga, 1994. Sergey Vronsky, a famous astrologer and psychic, surgeon and psychotherapist, Medicine Doctor and Philosophy Doctor, prisoner of NKVD (secret police organization of the Soviet Union) and political scientist, a descendant of an ancient nobility line, stayed in obscurity for long time. For many years his works had been transferred from hand to hand in secret and manually copied. In these years astrology was stubbornly considered a pseudo-science
After participation in various conferences and discussion of astrology methods with miscellaneous specialists, the cosmo-matrices which correct the human nativity had been developed. Their functioning is based on harmonization of tense elements of human horoscope.


Part 5. Noosphere Telepathic Network

The research studies consist of various methods of information transfer.

Schedule for conducting the research.

21.12.2011 Second research is planned to be conducted in cooperation with the Foundation for the Law of Time.

11.11.2011 First research of an equipment-assisted information transfer into the Noosphere.

Description of the First Research.

11.11.2011 anchor point of the Noosphere’s Telepathic Network research

time of 11 hours 11 minutes GMT 0

Theoretical substantiation and methods of conducting the research.

The broadcast of information into Noosphere’s Telepathic Network will be carried out with the help of laser quantum bio-computer developed by the group of acad. P.P.Gariaev in the Institute of Quantum Genetics (Moscow), Non-commercial partnership Biology of 21st century ( www.wavegenetic.ru ).
Reception of the information will be carried out by Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology with the help of equipment which scans the information properties of water. These properties change depending on the information transmitted into the Noosphere’s Telepathic Network. This equipment allows identification of the type of water structure, determination of the presence of fractality in it, as well as other parameters.

With the help of laser quantum bio-computer, the sound spectra will be received from two different photos of objects. From these spectra a specific sequence of object spectra will be produced and recorded into the file. The resulting sound file will be retransmitted by a laser beam of quantum bio-computer upon the image of Noosphere’s Correction Module. As a consequence of the above, the laser beam will enter a portal created by this image and will be transmitted through the Noosphere’s Telepathic Network. The time of transmission for one unit of information will amount to 1 - 2 minutes. The duration of reception for an information unit may differ from the duration of transmission, which is in connection with different speeds of time streams in Kozyrev space. Therefore, information may be received ahead of the real time of information transmission, or with a delay from this time.
Noosphere’s Telepathic Network represents an information network within the Noosphere, formed with the help of image of the Noosphere Correction Module printed out on a paper. This image is a scheme of the pyramid, with certain symbols and signs placed on each of its facets. Each symbol radiates a certain torsion field which structures a section of space around the image. During this process, a molding of information channel between the sections of space with identical structure arises. This allows forming a network of energy information channels between the sections of space located nearby the pyramid scheme, and the real pyramid in Chichen Itza. Thus, an image of the pyramid printed out on the paper is a kind of access password to the information channel of Noosphere’s Internet.
In this research the laser quantum bio-computer will transmit the signal of necessary structure into space with the help of a laser. The volunteers located in various countries will receive the bio-computer’s signal proceeding from the portal created in space with the help of an image of Noosphere Correction Module. The signal will consist of 2 types of energies alternating in a certain sequence.

The time of reception of information by volunteers may be arbitrary within 3 days before and after the date of information transmission, which will take place on 11.11.2011. The Universe is of holographic and fractal nature. This relates to time and space. Therefore, temporal harmonics and sub-harmonics, which transmit the signal before and after the actual time of carrying out the signal transmission, arise during signal broadcasting. There exist two tides of time. One of them is directed into the future. It creates the temporal harmonics of a signal. The other tide proceeds towards the past and creates the temporal sub-harmonics of a signal. Astrophysicist Kozyrev was conducting research of the temporal field. Different time streams, which have different directions of movement and speeds of flow, had been discovered. An event occurs at a certain time (the anchor temporal point), after which the information about it gets into different temporal (time related) streams of Kozyrev space. The stream which moves in time into the future is called the temporal harmonic. The stream of time moving backwards in time is called the temporal sub-harmonic. Depending on the speed of flow the signal may be received at different speeds. This may look like accelerated or decelerated (slowed down) playback of a movie from a video-disc.

Volunteer’s manual

A volunteer’s task is to connect to Noosphere’s Telepathic Network and try to register the signal in temporal harmonics and sub-harmonics. For that, it is necessary to print out to the paper an image of the Noosphere Correction Module and place one’s palm upon it.

Scheme Noosphere Correction Module http://cosmohealer.com/img/sxema-222.jpg

For activation of the entry into the Noosphere’s Telepathic Network, it is necessary to read a digital cosmo-matrix, specially developed for this purpose.

14 20 13 02
15 16 17 02
13 15 17 05
17 15 16 06

In that position one should try and register various energies, images and their duration. The results should be recorded into the diary. Registration of the energies may be carried out through various methods, for instance through meditation, or through ‘listening’ to the feelings of coolness, warmth or other (perceptions) in the palm lying on an image of the Noosphere Correction Module.

During the research a volunteer should keep a diary where he/she shall indicate the time of commencement and duration of reception of certain energy, or an image, which he/she would envision during meditation. In the diary of observations one can record the sensations with words, like ‘energy 1’ and ‘energy 2’. One should try and record the sequence of their alternation.
For example:
11.11.2011 15:00 energy 1 received for 2 minutes
11.11.2011 15:02 energy 2 received for 2 minutes
For verification of the hypothesis of temporal harmonics, a volunteer should try and receive the signal several times during 1 – 3 days before and after the real time of carrying out the research. The intended interval for conducting the research is 8.11.2011 – 14.11.2011.
For processing of the information and its statistical analysis, the diary of information reception shall be mailed to the following email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
After information processing, the results will be published on the web-site www.cosmohealer.com


Additional information about the method of human’s condition diagnostics. The use of this method is not obligatory by its nature and depends only on the wish of a volunteer.

For facilitation of registration of energies’ alternation it is possible to use special goggles. These goggles consist of 2 colored glasses. Green glass is for the right eye, red glass is for the left eye. While wearing these goggles, it is necessary to look at the source of light, for example, at the bulb of a pocket flashlight. And one should observe how the color of a bulb changes. It depends on the activity of states of human brain hemispheres, while these states depend on the energy received by a human.

The video of the studies

The First Noosphere Worldwide Congress should had taken place on July 18-22, 2009, in Ubud, Bali island, Indonesia. It should had been featured by “ROUNDTABLE” PRESENTATIONS «Global strategic initiative of the world civil community:  A report had been prepared for this event by Lyudmila Puterbrot (Russia) – NSEWA international cooperation coordinator. Her Presentation was titled: “The Role of Noo-Constitution in forming of non-verbal (telepathic) interaction”.

Based on this report, which should had been delivered on Bali, a research project titled “Noosphere’s telepathic network” has been developed. Its purpose is the study of information flows of the Noosphere and the telepathic exchange of information. In this research it is planned to use a scheme on the Noosphere Correction Module in the form of a pyramid, for transmission and reception of the information through the Noosphere. There’s a hypothesis that its image structures and cleanses the space from the negative and promotes the fine tuning to the information flows of the Noosphere. In this experiment it is planned to use the individual cosmo-matrices, which will help to jointly tune to the necessary information stream. The information will be transmitted from a certain location and received by persons from different countries.
As an option, a shape-conditioned torsion field generator in the form of dodecahedron may be used for connection to the Noosphere information flows.

The crystalline planetary grid is the energy framework for the information field of the noosphere. It has multi-level structure consisting of various crystals in the form of Plato’s bodies. The vertices, facets and edges of the crystals are projected onto the planet.
The vertices are the places of power, the energy centers of the planet, upon which all the sacral structures are located. The edges (ribs) of the crystal are the noosphere’s information channels which connect the planet’s chakras. They are the acupuncture channels of the planet. It is intended to register the pathways and the speed of spreading of the information through its’ transmission in one of the nodes of planetary grid.
The volunteers who will receive the information should be located in different countries near the main nodes of the planetary grid or near the node of one of its’ sub-systems.
The Operator, who will transmit the information, will be located in one of the nodes of the grid as well.
More detailed information about the planetary grid can be found in Kyril Lachugin’s book: “Earth – a large crystal?”
The intended number of volunteers is 1000 persons. The more people participate, the more exact results we’d get.

We intend to use several different methods for conducting an experiment on telepathy. They will be somewhat similar to those conducted by Mr. V. Kaznacheyev and Mr. A.Trofimov, related to transmitting the thoughts in Kozyrev Mirrors. 5000 persons participated in those experiments.


1st method consists in using an image of a pyramid, which is a noosphere correction module and is located in Mexico. Each volunteer will be given an image of this pyramid, which image is a shape-based torsion generator structuring the space. Individual numeral cosmo-matrices will be obtained, the pronunciation of which connects a person to the necessary noosphere stream. The operator, who will be transmitting information to noosphere, will be located in one of the nodes of the planetary grid sub-system.

2nd method consists in using a framework figure of a dodecahedron, into which the concave mirrors will be installed. The nodes of the dodecahedron will be interconnected by the light conduits, through which a laser beam will run imbued with information from different objects, like Stars, Paintings, Minerals, the information about which is received with the help of DNA Wave biocomputer.

3rd method: a laser beam of DNA Wave biocomputer, which will transmit information about miscellaneous symbols and objects, will be directed to a photo of a planet.

4th method consists in using the laser quantum biocomputer and the principles on quantum nonlocality in relationship to the neurons of the cerebrum (this had been developed by the group of academician P.P.Gariaev in the Institute of Quantum Genetics (Moscow) -- wavegenetic.ru), encephalographs, as well as other devices developed by P.Gariaev in theNon-commercial Partnership – Biology of XXI-st century

During the process of carrying out the research of properties of the information streams of Noosphere, it is planned to conduct the monitoring of planet’s information field with the help of instruments/devices which scan the informational properties of water upon which the phantom of Planet Earth will be projected.
The instruments/devices allow to detect the type of water structure, to determine the presence of fractality in it, as well as other parameters.
The monitoring will be conducted by Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Director of the Institute -- professor, doctor of sciences M.V.Kurik, head of the department of molecular photoelectronics in the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ( http://www.iop.kiev.ua/~val/dep/dep_photoelectronic_en.php ).
Several research events are planned. Their dates will be chosen based on the cosmic factors, like Moon cycles and the Mayan calendar. A preliminary stage had been conducted in the research titled “Water – a natural detector of cosmological rhythms”, by M.V.Kurik, Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology.
It is planned to use the Random Number Generators located in the nodes of planetary grid.
The software constituent is based upon the works related to psycho-kinetics conducted by an American physicist Robert G. Jahn in Princeton University.
The exact dates of conducting the research events will be published after the required number of volunteers has been reached.
We are currently on the 1st stage of the project titled “Noosphere’s Telepathic Network”, which stage is the collecting of required number of volunteers.

These methods are based on the report “The Role of Noo-Constitution in forming of non-verbal (telepathic) interaction”.
Those wishing to participate in the experiment on telepathy should submit an application.

Application form:

1. Name.
2. Country and city of residence.
3. Email.
4. Skype contact.
5. Your desired login and password for the web-site http://www.cosmohealer.com/

Please submit your applications to the following Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Diagnostics of human’s predisposition towards telepathy.

Human’s nativity is an energy matrix of his/her archetype and physical body. This matrix has many different parameters. Some of them are responsible for human’s abilities to psi-phenomena, such as telepathy and management (control) of the Field of Events. Human’s matrix depends on his/her geographical location of birth and is called the natal chart. When a person moves to different location, a shift of the horoscope parameters of such a person takes place. Such a matrix is called the local chart. Depending on the location to which a person moves, a shift of various parameters of horoscope of the person in question occurs. A method based on mathematical approaches has been developed, which allows finding out the various parameters of the human’s energy matrix. One of such parameters is the ability towards telepathy. This ability can be strengthened or weakened, depending on the location of residence. A special computer program has been created, which scans the atlas of 250 000 locations and forms a list of those places, where the person’s telepathic abilities are amplified.

Part 6. Activation of the crystal skulls.

Crystal Skulls of Atlantis

In the times of Atlantis, 13 crystal skulls had been created. They are the keepers of ancient lore information and the portals to other dimensions. Originally, they had only the energy constituent created with the help of thoughts. After that, a morpho-crystalline transformation had taken place. This process assumes the use of ethereal matrix for materialization of an object in the form of a quartz crystal of necessary form.
The skull shape has a special structure, which concentrates Kozyrev’s time energy. This allows amplifying the energy properties of quartz crystals multiple times, which leads to creation of complex polyhedral (multi-faceted) energy fields, which are not available for crystals of usual form.
Crystal skulls are the transmitters; this property allows them to give and receive information and energy; this is actively used by healers and medics of various directions. Healers activate the crystals in a particular way, so as to initiate the healing algorithm in necessary moment.
13 skulls of the Atlantis are the avatars of planetary grid portals in the form of icosahedron of 12 vertices and the 13th vertex in the center of the grid. Fractal planetary channels, from which the energy of various planets comes, are connected to the nodes of the grid. The skulls have their own numbers, which are reflected in the calendar, as well as the activation codes in the form of a password, without which they can’t be accessed. In our times, a multitude of new recently produced crystal skulls have emerged, which are in the energy-information connection with the Atlantis skulls. For successful work, special methods of their activation and connection to the ancient crystal skulls are required.
As a result of prolonged research, the cosmo-matrices of access to the ancient skulls of Atlantis have been successfully received. Active work with their phantoms is currently taking place; it is planned to ascertain their locations at the present moment.

A method of scanning the information from crystal skulls in the form of sound has been developed.
It consists in using the laser quantum bio-computer and the principles on quantum nonlocality. The bio-computer had been developed by the group of academician P.P.Gariaev in the Institute of Quantum Genetics (Moscow), Non-commercial Partnership – Biology of XXI-st century -- wavegenetic.ru).
Another method of receiving the information from the crystal skulls of Atlantis consists in placing a phantom of a skull into a reservoir filled with water. After that, the properties of water change depending on the received information.
The analysis of water properties is conducted in Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology, Kyiv, Ukraine, under the directorship of Michail Vasilyevich Kurik, a Ukrainian scientist, researcher of water. Ph.D. (physical and mathematical sciences), professor. Head of the department of molecular photoelectronics in the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ( http://www.iop.kiev.ua/~val/dep/dep_photoelectronic_en.php ). Director of Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology (http://uiec.org.ua/uk/4.html (Ukrainian version), http://uiec.org.ua/en/3.html (English version)). Authored over 300 scientific papers related to study of water’s structure and the influence of various external field-based factors upon water.


Part 7. Work with the countries' egregors.

Egregors are one of the types of holograms, of which the Universe consists. They are complex energy-informational structures, created and supported by the thoughts and actions of humans who are under the aegis of various planets. Egregors consist of one or more crystalline modules interacting with each other in a hierarchical way. An example can be modules of nations connected to the modules of states, which, in turn, are combined into a single "Internet Network of Mankind" (INM). INM is considered a part of the Earth Noosphere and then it is a part of the “Internet of Universe". All these networks can be represented as Internet servers, which store web-sites of Akasha chronicles.
Crystalline Modules of different countries’ egregors are supplied with Bio-Plasma, which is obtained from various fractal planetary channels. There are different methods for connection to egregors and rules of working with them. Connection to a country’s egregor and working with it provides positive events and lightness in achieving necessary goals set by a human. One of the methods for connection to a country’s egregor is the use of access keys to egregor in the form of numeral cosmo-matrices.
When working with any egregors, it is necessary to adhere to safety measures, which consist in special methods of shielding a human’s thoughts from egregor’s influence and in analysis of compatibility of bio-plasma channels of a human and egregor. An unprepared human, who’s bio-plasma functions in a lesser frequency range than the egregor’s one, can not work with it. Such a human can get under the egregor’s influence, which will lead to his/her energy and psychical exhaustion.


Part 8. Aura fixation and properties of water.

Development of methods for registration of human aura based on the approaches of Walter Kilner, Zolotov, Kirlian, Luciano Boccone. It is planned to create a software to process the signal from video-camera with subsequent visualization of aura on the monitor screen. “AURA” Hardware and Software System based on the Kirlian Effect has been developed and approved.

“AURA” Hardware and Software System is an innovational technical instrument to measure, analyze and interpret the energy and information (EI) properties of a human organism as well as other objects and substances. Through such monitoring it enables users to significantly increase their vital capacity, the duration of active life, to improve physical and mental health; it also promotes shaping of harmony and beauty in a natural way, thorough the use of informational properties of nature. It is possible to study the properties of water with the help of this device. The examples of water photos are presented below.

Another device has been developed by Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology, Kyiv, Ukraine under the directorship of Michail Vasilyevich Kurik. Scientific works related to study of water’s structure and the influence of various external field-based factors upon water are being conducted with its’ help ( http://www.iop.kiev.ua/~val/dep/dep_photoelectronic_en.php ). Water has got many various parameters. One of them is the structure and fractality of water. Water’s parameters depend on the types of fractal planetary channels with which the energy and information exchange of water is taking place. Methods have been developed for water structuring through its’ treatment with various planets’ energies.

Part 9. Noosphere's sounds.

9.1.Wave genetics

A device capable of scanning the information streams of noosphere and converting them into sound has been developed by the group of academician Peter Gariaev in the Institute of Quantum Genetics (Moscow), Non-commercial partnership Biology of XXI-st century ( www.wavegenetic.ru ). One of such information streams is a human DNA.
DNA scanning is based on the use of laser quantum bio-computer and the principles of quantum nonlocality in relationship to the human information fields. It is planned to develop a software, which could single out the sounds of separate organs and systems, which would enable to initiate the regeneration of organs and rejuvenation of the organism.

9.2. Sounds of Noosphere Crystal

Noosphere is an information field of the planet Earth. Planetary grid is the carrier of the information field. It is a framework of Noosphere’s Crystalline Module. The Crystal is present in different dimensions in the form of Platonic Solids. Each crystal is projected to the planet’s surface. The vertices of crystals are the planet’s chakras, the ribs of crystals are the planet’s energy meridians.
Crystals radiate their own sounds. Pythagoras correlated Platonic Solids with the sounds, as a result of which the music of spheres came out. The sound of Noosphere is the aggregated sound of 5 Platonic Solids, each vertex of which radiates its’ own vibration in the form of Sanskrit letters. Radiation of such a sound harmonizes the planet’s Noosphere, the Field of Events and Health of a human. Harmonization takes place as a result of processes studied by physics of Keely.

9.3.Diagnostics and harmonization of a human through sound

Methods for diagnostics of a human with the help of sound have been developed by SOLiris Foundation ( www.fundacion-soliris.eu ), as well as for his/her harmonization with the help of special sound spectra, based on the diagnostics.

9.4.Musical Cosmo-Matrices

Musical cosmo-matrices have been developed, which have a broad spectrum of applications and can substitute the numeral cosmo-matrices. When listening to a musical cosmo-matrix, a harmonization of the Field of Events and bio-plasma takes place, of its’ interactions with different fractal planetary channels, each of which has its’ own sound access key.

9.5.Music therapy of fractal planetary channels

Musical creations (songs) are the sound portals to other dimensions, from which the healing energies come. Its’ own fractal planetary channel corresponds to each composition. It may change in different fragments of a musical composition. It is a task of a cosmo-healer musical therapeutist to diagnose the patient and choose the most appropriate music for correction of his/her bio-plasma and the Field of Events.

9.6. Astromusic

Modern scientific research supposes, that the physical body of a man is a biological computer. The body meridian system - is a computer motherboard, the brain  is a processor,
DNA  - software. Reality is a holohram, which is decoded in different ranges.
A man radiates the sound, which depends on his inner state. Frequency parameters of the sound attract situations and people who have similar parameters.
There exists Astromusic science, allowing to know from the horoscope the sound, given to a person from burth This knowledge is described in the Indian, Chinese and Greek musical systems.
In the musical culture of ancient India 7 basic sounds of Indian musical harmony were compared with 7 energy centers (chakras) in a person’s aura , 7 planets, 7 'thin' people's bodies.
Mantra Yoga says that sound is the form of all types of energy. Consciousness of each person has its own melody, or mantra.
With its help we get the opportunity to awaken our inner strength. By means of sound, we can send energy of our consciousness in desired direction and associate it with what we strive to.
Teachings of Ancient India allow to restore sick body organ at a ‘thin’ level, as well as harmonize the entire body with the help of sound.

In China: legendary musicians pacified winds and restrained the heat of the sun with their playing, under the influence of their music grain germinated in a short time, living organisms developed with fantastic rate.
In ancient Greece mathematician Pythagoras told his pupils that the man's spine resembles the sackbut with seven holes -  seven notes. These holes serve for releasing the spirit of the one who plays the spine. The holes are called chakras. Teaching about "music of spheres" belongs to Pythagoras: he stated that motion of each celestial body in outer space produces sound.
Thin structure of a human being includes: seven Thin Bodies (fields), seven energy centers - chakras and three central energy channels - Sushumna, Ida, Pingala. Each of the Thin Bodies has a spherical shape around the physical body and can be determined by the method of bioenergeticinformational and astrological diagnostics.
Chakras are the main energy centers, which are linked with Thin World through vybrations. They emit light, and correspond to a certain sound and horoscope note.

Each chakra is operated by the certain planet of Solar system. They accumulate Thin Energy, which is transferred through nerve plexus and endocrine glands to the group of organs
and maintains their life activity.
In the horoscope one can see specific features of Thin Bodies and chakras of a human being.
With the help of astro-music one can transform these characteristics into the sound sequences named horoscope audiomatrix. They help us to bring life in harmony with the universe through the stars and planets, thereby increasing the aura.
Horoscope audiomatrix correspond to the certain chakras and planets. Each is responsible for certain events. Horoscope sounds are the individual sound activation codes of the chakras and Thin Body of a human being. Using the computer tems, they may be considered as programs, which are transmitted with the help of sound.
An ear of a human being is a modem, linked to the telephone line. It decodes sound signals into understandable to a physical body, a computer, orders. During listening the horoscope audiomatrix the person’s sound comes in resonance with the parameters, given at birth.
Due to this, necessary people and events are attracted, which help a person in development.
Horoscope audiomatrix ring as bells. This is due to the fact that the shape of the bell and and the shape of its signal are  similar to the form of chakras.
Besides, the sound produced by the bell possess the miraculous power. This has been known by the ancient
Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Hindus and Peruvians
and  they used bells in various religious rituals.
Scientists have found out that the unique spyral trajectory of sound produced by the strike to the bell appears destructive for many pathogenic microbes.
Due to specific distribution of sound wave power the structure of microbe cells comes into resonance and ruins.
Chakras accumulate, transform and redistribute different kinds of energy, necessary for human life.
The bells also have the shape of special cones. The sound produced by the bell corresponds to mantra sounds.
Thus, the ringing bells come in resonance with human energy system. In this case activation of chakras’ activities takes place , energy power amplifies, increases the total energy potential of a human being.
Harmonization of all human organs and systems takes place both in the physical and thin bodies.
Bells are powerful harmonizers of space, which help a person to get into resonance with the harmony of the Universe, gain physical, energetic, mental and spiritual health.
That is why horoscope audiomatrix, voiced by bells, have the most influence on the sound emitted by a person. Playing the other musical instruments is possible

Part 10.Study of sacral symbols' and architecture's energy.

From the ancient times we’ve received the sacral symbols of various cultures.
Each symbol radiates a certain energy and vibration. Transformation of sound vibration into symbols can be observed with the help of cymatics. Sand on a plate assembles into various symbols when influenced by sound. This process has a reverse effect too, i.e. each symbol radiates its’ own vibration. The Universe is a holographic reality and possesses a set of reference frequencies, planets being the avatars of the latter. From them the energy and information is transmitted through fractal planetary channels to the noosphere crystalline modules of various objects.
Presence of a symbol or a sign, such as yantra, mandala and patterns of various peoples, structure the space and attract the energy of a planet, the avatars of which they are.
Mandalas and yantras are the encoded schemes or architectural structures.
A project of an architecture complex is being developed, titled the Noosphere Crystalline Complex of Light. Energies of all the reference frequencies of the Universe will be harmoniously present in it. The space around such a building will be harmoniously structured and cleansed from the negative. Humans finding themselves within the area of influence of the structure will be delivered from the negative and their dormant DNA instructions will be activated, through which their Field of Events and the level of life will be transformed towards higher vibrations. It is planned to deploy this complex in one of the main nodes of the planetary grid. This will allow the complex’s energy to instantly spread throughout the whole planet via its’ energy meridians and to simultaneously harmonize the space of all the sectors of planet Earth’s noosphere.

Part 11. Activation keys to the fractal planetary channels

Human physiology is a hologram. Its’ crystal works with the energies of certain planets. They are the fractals of star systems, while the star systems are the fractals of galaxies. The number of activated DNA instructions depends on the type of planetary energies based on which the crystal functions. There exists a possibility of switching the crystal over to any type of planetary energy. For a successful switch over it is necessary to prepare the human bio-plasma for its’ functioning in a higher frequency range. For that it is necessary to perform a cleansing of the bio-plasma and its’ balancing. Without that a transition to new energies may have negative consequences. This may manifest in the form of the human subtle bodies’ hologram distortions, which is expressed on the physical plane through miscellaneous diseases and negative events.
There are multiple fractal channels to the planets from different galaxies. Each fractal planetary channel has its’ own activation key. The keys may be in the form of mantras, mudras, special movements of the hands and the numeral cosmo-matrices.
The energy matrix of human’s crystal has an individual structure. It depends on the time and place of the human’s arrival into the physical world and his/her karmic agenda. In order to switch over the crystal to the frequency range of the necessary planetary channel, an individual key to the energy of that channel is required. It takes into account the structure of the human energy matrix. When switching over to the new vibrational levels, a harmonization of human’s karma takes place. After that the karmic junctions and situations transform into the lighter variants. Different types of fractal planetary channels are responsible for different karmic tasks. This factor determines the type of planetary channel to which the human’s crystal is connected during birth.
Planetary channels have their hierarchy and interrelations. Before transition to the higher power supply level of the human’s crystal, it is necessary to find out from which channel he/she receives the energy at the present moment. After that the question of switching over to the energy of the next channel of frequency hierarchy may be solved. During one’s life it is possible to gradually pass over from the low frequency channels to those of high frequency. For that, a period of adaptation of human’s crystal to the new channel’s energy is required.
The functioning of the human’s crystal on the high frequency planetary channels ensures the activation of all the 64 instructions of the human’s DNA language. This manifests in emergence of the hidden human capabilities, like telepathy, clairvoyance and other paranormal abilities, which are known in yoga under the name of siddhis.

The course includes:

- information about the types of planetary channels, their number and variety;
- a human’s diagnostics, which shows the type of energy of planetary channel with which he/she is currently working;
- correction of the human’s bio-plasma and his/her preparation for the transition to the next planetary channel in the frequency hierarchy;
- types of planetary channel activation keys;
- obtaining of an individual key for activation of the transition to the necessary planetary channel;
- practical exercises on using the individual keys.

Part 12.Alphabets – the avatars of planets

Humans use various languages for communication. Each of these (languages) has its’ own egregor and a principal fractal planetary channel. The channel leads to the energy of a planet, which in turn is an avatar of one of the reference frequencies of hologram of the Universe. Any language consists of letters which make up the alphabet. Each letter of an alphabet is connected to a certain planet. Latin alphabet is one of the most widely used in the world. One and the same letter of Latin alphabet in different languages correlates with the avatars of different planets. This is connected with the peculiarities of functioning of languages’ egregors. Human DNA has its’ alphabet as well, each letter of which is an avatar of a planet. In this way, there exists a connection between human languages and genetics.
Information has been received about connection of the letters to the planetary energies for various languages of the world. A human’s name consists of letters and, when it is pronounced, the human’s crystalline module receives energy from various planetary channels, which (process) shapes his/her archetype. A method has been developed for identification of an inborn state of the balance axes for rotation of his/her bio-plasma, based on a human’s name. When the balance is absent in one of the axes of bio-plasma’s rotation, the problems commence in the Field of Events and in Health. In order to eliminate the imbalance, it is necessary to create a counter-weight to the planet, the energy of which provokes it. In practice, this looks like connecting the energy of the planet, which is located on the opposite end of the rotation axis from the planet, influence of which is to be balanced. To create the balance, it is possible to use any avatars of fractal planetary channels, such as music, cosmo-matrices, sacral symbols, prayers, etc. Apart from the names, any words possess analogous properties. A software has been developed for analysis of orthographic dictionaries of various languages with subsequent sorting and creation of lists of words, which belong to certain planets.

Part 13. Tzolk'in – a matrix of avatars for reference frequencies of the Universe’s hologram

The Universe has a holographic nature. All the objects in it have their own crystalline modules, which create their own holographic projections. The energy source for crystalline modules is the bio-plasma. It has various frequency parameters. There are 13 principal reference frequencies, which spread throughout the 20 octaves of holographic reality. Tzolk’in is a matrix of these frequencies. A hologram possesses the properties of fractals.
An avatar in the form of a certain planet corresponds to each reference frequency of Tzolk’in. The planet is a fractal of stellar systems, while the stellar systems are fractals of galaxies. Through the fractal planetary channel, energy from avatar’s planet comes to the crystalline modules of various objects. There are methods of diagnostics, which identify the planet and avatar with which an object works. Creation of a database of hologram frequencies’ avatar properties is currently in process. Influence of fractal planetary channels upon the properties of water is being studied, their sound spectra are being created, mathematic apparatus for analysis of spectral composition of planetary channels is being developed.

Methods for scanning the 260 reference frequencies of the Universe’s hologram

Each day has the energy of a certain cosmic channel, the number of which can be calculated with the help of Mayan calendar – the Tzolk’in.
A device has been developed in the form of a dodecahedron with parabolic  mirrors, the focus of which (mirrors) converges in the figure’s center. The figure has got a shape which is identical to the Earth’s planetary grid. Therefore, the planet’s energy is concentrated in the center of dodecahedron.
There are several methods for scanning of the channel’s energy in center of dodecahedron.
1.Scanning is carried out by a random number generator and a white noise generator, which are installed in the center of intersection of mirrors’ foci.
2.A vessel with water is installed in the focus of mirrors, the properties of which water change depending on the type of energy and information of the channel. Such water becomes an avatar of the fractal planetary channel.
3.Vessels with liquid gypsum (plaster), glass or wax are installed in the focus of mirrors. During the hardening process, these substances absorb the energy, becoming the avatars of reference frequencies of the Universe’s hologram.
Properties of the avatars of frequencies are analyzed with various devices and converted in sound spectra with the help of laser quantum bio-computer, developed by the group of academician Peter P. Gariaev in the Institute of Quantum Genetics (Moscow), Non-Commercial Partnership Biology of XXI-st century ( www.wavegenetic.ru )
Special mantras and other methods have been obtained for activation of any of 260 reference frequencies of the Universe’s hologram. They allow to direct that particular frequency and energy onto any object at any point of space and time.

Art Catalogue "Quantum Transition"

The Universe is of a holographic nature. Any objects’ holograms function on certain frequencies and energies. The Mayan calendar is a matrix of all the cosmic energies of the Universe. It consists of 260 cosmic channels (transmitting) on the energies and frequencies, upon which the holograms of physical and spiritual world function.
A human born at certain time is being connected to one of the 260 cosmic channels and uses that energy. The number of a cosmic channel may be ascertained by checking the human’s birth date according to the Mayan calendar.
Painter Edward Puterbrot was endowed with subtle perception of cosmic energies. He translated them into works of art, such as paintings and sculptures. It has been proven by the torsion fields’ physics, that the paint on the paintings memorizes space polarization and artist’s energy during creation of the work of art. Thus, the paintings structure space around themselves, which increases the inflow of energy carried by a painting. A person, whose energy matches the painting’s energy, gets into an auspicious life environment; he/she comes into disposition of plenty of energy, which he/she directs to various spheres of life. This has an effect of harmonization of health and events in the life of such a person.
There exist special methods for determining the paintings’ energy and their affiliation to one of the 260 energies of Universe’s cosmic channels.
The energies of each painting produced by Edward Puterbrot have been identified with the help of these methods. He was endowed with an excellent feeling of Universe’s holographic nature and he depicted it in his works. Holograms are the interference images of the interacting light energies. Therefore, Edward Puterbrot’s paintings have an original drawing style.
Thus, an art therapy with the help of his paintings became possible. They are the conductors of energies necessary for a specific person. For practical application, it is necessary to know a person’s birth date according to the Mayan Tzolk’in calendar. Then, one should find that (specific) Universal cosmic channel’s number in a specially published catalogue titled “Quantum Transition”. After that, one should print out a photocopy of Edward Puterbrot’s painting, which carries the energy necessary for a specific person; this picture should be hung at home, or in the office.
Photocopies of the paintings possess the energy of real painting. However, the energy is several times less powerful than the original. Therefore, as compared to the original painting, it has a smaller range of space structuring with the necessary cosmic energy and vibration.

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Ludmila Puterbrot (Los Angeles) -"Noosphere Art Wave" project coordinator
Ludmila Puterbrot is a doctor-informo-therapist, who receives and applies her knowledge through contact with the Cosmos. She is an Academician of International Academy of Energy and Informational Science, effective member of the International Academy of the Clairvoyance disciplines, a specialist of traditional folk medicine. Ludmila is awarded with the medal "Elite" and she has the master  degree of  "Golden hands of Russia," she is an expert of the Russian association of "Ecology of unknown". Ludmila  takes part in the international conferences on the study of subtle ecological interactions and energy informational exchange in nature, she is a researcher of influence of cosmic and biosphere factors upon human nature.


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