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During the period 1989-1992, Ludmila Puterbrot has been providing research and practice of  bioenergy impacts on persons' healing in different cities of the USSR, then in Russia and abroad.
Among the main scientific research it should be marked the questions as for morphogenesis, questions of  pathonomia and various chronic diseases.
In the process of researching new concept of recognition of human genetic basis was formulated .The idea of this concept in  detecting unknown  in medicine viruses, poisons and other pathogens. It also was carried out a comprehensive analysis of molecular, cellular and systemic impact of bio-energy influence on person.
The concept and original views of the environment are in advance of the current understanding of human nature and meaning of our being in the world.

Specific research and development are listed below.

1.The study of energy-informative impact on the human brains by remote-reading enio-influence. The experimental work was conducted at the Academy of science of the USSR Laboratory of  Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology headed by Professor N.N. Lebedeva
2. The study of the principles of  bio-energo-informational impacts during diagnosing of patients before, during and after the treatment process of attack, oncology in gynecology and more common diseases on the basis of  Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M.Sechenov in 1989.

The proposed method of bio-energo-informational scanning of human body was approved by Mr. Vladimir Ilyin, the deputy Minister of the Ministry of Public Health.

3. Investigation of bio-energo-informational impact on a person to identify opportunities that change the number of biochemical parameters. These invastigations were recorded by special apparatus, the results were processed using computer technology. The results showed the possibility and efficiency of such (healing) transfer of biological information from operator- researcher to another person.
The research was conducted at the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of USSR, at the Professor Volkov Department, in 1990.
4. Investigation of possibilities of bio-energo-informational impact during the treatment of coronary heart disease, arrhythmias of different etiology, circulatory abnormalities of the brain were conducted on the base of Cardiac Center named after Chazov in Moscow, under the guidance of  Major Professor- cardiologist - Mr. Yurenev, in 1991.

5. Research were conducted in partnership with the Committee on Science and Technology of the USSR, in 1990-1992:
a) It was carried out the distant diagnostic and healing procedures for the teams of spacecraft in flight - two expeditions;
b) Organization and participation in a remote sensing of area to search for lost objects with the use of biolocation;
c) Energo-informational study of Mars radiation, including the dynamics of radiation.

6.  Investigation of bio- energo-informational impact for human immunodeficiency was conducted in Switzerland and Germany.

7. Studying of bio-influence on the work of different devices that examined human aura and analysis of the results were based on the Saint-Petersburg Military Medical Academy of Sciences, led by Professor V. Nozdrachev, in 1992.

8. Healing practice of heart disease, peptic ulcer, pyelonephritis, osteochondrosis and other diseases was held in 41 department of Drug Treatment Hospital in Moscow headed by Mr. N.L.Brodsky, director of department, with the participation of doctors T.P Strukova, T.M.Tkachuk, E.A. Zhukova. The results showed that positive effect was achieved  in most cases. Medication during the practice of bio-influence  has been canceled. Subjective marked improvements are confirmed by laboratory and radiological investigations.


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