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Ludmila Puterbrot - doctor-informotherapist

Ludmila Puterbrot (Los Angeles) -"Noosphere Art Wave" project coordinator

Ludmila Puterbrot is a doctor-informotherapist, who receives and applies the knowledge through contact with the cosmos. She is a member of International Academy of Energoinformational Science, member of the International Academy of the proscopy sciences, a specialist of traditional folk medicine. Ludmila is awarded with the medal "Elite" and she has the master  degree of  "Golden hands of Russia," she is the active expert of the Russian association of "Ecology of unknown". Ludmila  takes part in the international conferences of the study of internal ecological interactions and energy informational exchange in nature, she is a researcher of cosmic and biospheric factors effect on human nature.
Ludmila owns: - understanding of energy-informational nature of the world;
- non-contact scanning of the genetic map of human, diagnostic nature of the disease;
- restoration and protection of human health by bio-energy methods;
- definition of causality between the spiritual level of person and  health disorder;
- ability to explain the meaning of our being and the nature of the soul eternity.
Ludmila receives information in the form of graphic formulas, codes. She has created new directions in the diagnosis of an illness and healing.
Ludmila has formulated and successfully practicing the concept of recognizing the genetic basis of human, containing the idea of the influence of unknown medicine blood groups, viruses and toxins. She is able to recognize the integrity of the study of the viruses -a small infectious agents,  which penetrate from the external environment in the system of our body and infect it. Her conception that immune defense disorder   is caused by invasion of negative energy entities was confirmed by carrying out  biochemical tests on detecting viruses.
Ludmila has the ability to work on the affected systems and organs by the dosage of energy. It leads to the restoration of immunity, bringing  the balance of the information flows to  the body successful functioning.
She heals various diseases, except for certain forms of cancer.
She practices new, unknown to science, methods and approaches in the field of system changes in health  by bio-energy correction of information:
- Classification of diseases, blood group (more than two hundred species);
- Analysis of tissue cells under the influence of cosmic and biospheric factors;
- Definition of Biophysics of the body accordingly to the color emission of cells;
- Regeneration of physical and internal structures of the body;
- Definition of temperature, pressure and other parameters of various systems of the body and its various parts;
- Identification and removal  the information and negative effects.
During Ludmila's  bioenergetic effects the following is involving:
- the physical and internal structures of the body are regenerating;
- regenerative changes are occuring on the cellular and molecular level;
- annoying pain symptoms are removig;
- the lost functions of the systems and organs related to such diseases as nephrolithiasis, enuresis, cholecystitis, peptic ulcer and various osteochondrosis are restoring;
- skin with eczema, psoriasis is cleaning;
- at female infertility, in the absence of pathology, ability to fertilize is enhancing   and conditions for normal fetation are creating;
- hormone secretion is increasing, the action of insulin in the blood is activating;
- cholesterol levels is normalizing;
- patients with coronary heart disease feel that such acts as cardiac angina, arrhythmia, which can significantly reduce the number of complications such as myocardial infarction are disappearing;
- patients with an oncology feel a stabilization of the process (preservation of the tumor) without evidence of further growth;
- toxic elements are neutralizing after chemotherapy;
- many patients  with  such diseases as  mastopathy, myoma, fibroma, adenoma, cysts are completely removing new lesions;
- postoperative wounds are healing faster;
Ludmila's unique abilities were tested by leading research and academic institutions in Russia. Experiments on the control level, showed that Ludmila without any equipment can immediately pass on the long distance control genetic and metabolic information from the healthy living organs and cells to the patient body and correct it. Experimentaly confirmed that bio-energy influence doesn't negative impact on the human body and hasn't contraindications.
The results of her work came to knowledge in the Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, Egypt, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia and other countries. Russian television broadcasts in the transmission of "Unknown Universe" repeatedly clarified her activities.
Ludmila Puterbrot is one of the best Russian parapsychologists.


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