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Paintings by Edward Puterbrota, portals to other dimensions.

Scientist Okhatrin conducted an experiment with the torsion generators (lepton fields). Beam of a torsion generator was directed to one point. The state of the space of this point was scanned with a magnetometer. Beam from the generator created a magnetic field, which stayed there for four days after the experiment. This means that the torsion radiation not only is a transmitter of information, but is also able to structure the space.
Any shape or pattern can act as a torsion generator, since the paint is multidimensional, and the transition from one state to another stores an energy field of an artist who painted it. So artists with high spirituality create paintings that become the torsion generators of positive energy. They structure the space around them, creating a portal through which the positive energy can come from the other higher dimensions.
Places of Power, which are the locations of the sacred buildings such as the pyramids in different countries and other megaliths have similar properties. They stand on the nodes of the planetary grid and are portals to other dimensions.
Paintings placed in such places can serve as a key to open doors to other dimensions.
"Art Wave Noosphere" is planning a practical use of this information and conduct an experiment of the activation of a pyramid using one of the paintings shown below by putting it in a Kozyrev mirror placed inside of a pyramid.

Art Catalogue "Quantum Transition"

The Universe is of a holographic nature. Any objects’ holograms function on certain frequencies and energies. The Mayan calendar is a matrix of all the cosmic energies of the Universe. It consists of 260 cosmic channels (transmitting) on the energies and frequencies, upon which the holograms of physical and spiritual world function.
A human born at certain time is being connected to one of the 260 cosmic channels and uses that energy. The number of a cosmic channel may be ascertained by checking the human’s birth date according to the Mayan calendar.
Painter Edward Puterbrot was endowed with subtle perception of cosmic energies. He translated them into works of art, such as paintings and sculptures. It has been proven by the torsion fields’ physics, that the paint on the paintings memorizes space polarization and artist’s energy during creation of the work of art. Thus, the paintings structure space around themselves, which increases the inflow of energy carried by a painting. A person, whose energy matches the painting’s energy, gets into an auspicious life environment; he/she comes into disposition of plenty of energy, which he/she directs to various spheres of life. This has an effect of harmonization of health and events in the life of such a person.
There exist special methods for determining the paintings’ energy and their affiliation to one of the 260 energies of Universe’s cosmic channels.
The energies of each painting produced by Edward Puterbrot have been identified with the help of these methods. He was endowed with an excellent feeling of Universe’s holographic nature and he depicted it in his works. Holograms are the interference images of the interacting light energies. Therefore, Edward Puterbrot’s paintings have an original drawing style.
Thus, an art therapy with the help of his paintings became possible. They are the conductors of energies necessary for a specific person. For practical application, it is necessary to know a person’s birth date according to the Mayan Tzolk’in calendar. Then, one should find that (specific) Universal cosmic channel’s number in a specially published catalogue titled “Quantum Transition”. After that, one should print out a photocopy of Edward Puterbrot’s painting, which carries the energy necessary for a specific person; this picture should be hung at home, or in the office.
Photocopies of the paintings possess the energy of real painting. However, the energy is several times less powerful than the original. Therefore, as compared to the original painting, it has a smaller range of space structuring with the necessary cosmic energy and vibration.


Art avatars of DNA – access keys to the planetary networks.
On 11.11.11, in the framework of Noosphere Art Wave Project, the world pyramid system had been activated and joined with the cosmo-healer network. After the activation, pyramids transmit through the network the whole spectrum of vibrations, which corresponds to 64 DNA commands of the Noospheric crystal. This allowed to use the previously dormant commands of human’s crystal and of other objects. These energies can be accessed via various methods. One of the available methods may be the use of art as a means of tuning of human’s energy system to the necessary range/band. One of the methods, consisting in meditation upon the paintings created with the help of language of colors, combined with the principles of holography, had been found. Those willing to join can participate in the process of meditation for working with various energies and activation of dormant DNA commands, within a 64-day meditation cycle. Each day a picture-key will be published in that group, which tunes a person to the spectrum of human crystal’s DNA command’s energies.
Volunteers can leave comments about their experiences and events taking place after meditations with the picture-keys.
Simultaneous meditation of large number of people synchronizes the rest and brings about the change of the Field of Events towards harmonic development. Volunteers may follow the events and write about the most important of them in comments to the picture. Thus, the properties of different energies will be studied.
Based on the user comments, a cosmo-healer’s diary will be created, titled “A journey to the quantum transition”.


Noospheric crystal octahedron

Noospheric crystal consists of various Platonic solids located in different dimensions.
One of these solids has a form of an octahedron. It is responsible for the number of DNA commands of human’s crystal in the physical world. Octahedron consists of 6 vertices, which are the information and energy channels for information exchange.
These channels may be active or passive. All the combinations of channel activity create the 64 DNA commands depicted in the I-Ching. Unbroken (solid) line of the hexagram points to the activity of octahedron’s vertex. A broken (open) line points to the inactive information channel. Each of these channels has a holographic projection upon human’s chakras. Through using various color combinations it is possible to turn on the necessary information channels.
Their combination will bring about the activation of the necessary DNA command of human’s crystal. Thus, it is possible to use the paintings with specifically selected colors for DNA activation.


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