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Сonference "Carpathian Star Gates and the Places of Power"

In the framework of the «Noosphere Art Wave Project» a conference and a cycle of seminars is being conducted during Spring-Summer 2012, covering the following topics:

«Carpathian Star Gates and the Places of Power»

The conference is dedicated to study of the issue of human organism’s and biosphere’s adaptation to the changes of environment caused by changes in solar activity and the magnetic fields of the Earth.

Conference topics:

1.Analysis of electro-magnetic field of the Planet in 2012.
2.Methods of adaptation to changes of Planet’s energy fields.
3.Influence of Art upon human energy and its adaptation in contemporary conditions.
3.1.Art therapy.
3.2.Musical therapy.
4.Meditatively controlled Autogenic training.
5.The Artefacts.
6.Carpathian Star Gates.
7.Connection of Carpathian Places of Power with Atlantean Civilization. Results of Senzar language decoding and their practical use.
8.Embroideries as Carpathian Star Gate Portals addresses.
9.Activity Rhythms and the energy of Pysany Kamin (“The Inscribed Stone” a mountain rock in Carpathians, containing an ancient pagan sacrificial shrine with multiple pre-historic inscriptions).
10.Atlantean Planetary Shield and the methods of its activation.
11.Creation and using of a data base of sound torsion holograms of the places of power in the capacity of addresses of Carpathian Star Gates.
12.Working with a prototype of Atlantean Crystal and research study of its properties.
13.Studying the water structure changes in  places of power.
14.Registration of influence of objects and the places of power upon the configuration of human field structure. (aura)
15.Dependence of configuration of human field structure on the activated DNA commands.
16.Development and implementation of methods for testing of various works of art for evaluation of their adaptive function to the contemporary configuration of various fields influencing a human.


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