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Pyramids’ Activation

Portals. Pyramids’ Activation

Scientist A.F.Okhatrin, academician of the International Academy of Energy-Information Sciences, head of the bio-location lab of the Institute of mineralogy, geochemistry, crystal chemistry and rare elements (rus. acronym -- ИТГРЭ), developer of bio-generators, conducted an experiment with the torsion generators (lepton fields). A beam of a torsion generator was directed to one point. The state of the space of this point was scanned with a magnetometer. After the generator was turned on, a magnetic field emerged in the point, which had been preserved for four days after the experiment was over. This means that the torsion radiation, besides from transmitting the information, also structures the space.
Any shapes and paintings can be torsion generators, since the paint is heterogeneous, and the transition from one state to another records the field of an artist who painted it. Artists of high spirituality create paintings which are the torsion generators of positive energies. They structure the space around them, creating a portal through which the positive energies from other higher dimensions come through.
Sites of Power, which are the locations of sacred structures, such as the pyramids, in different countries, as well as the other megaliths have similar properties. They stand on the nodes of the planetary grid and are the portals to other dimensions.
Paintings placed in such places can serve as a kind of keys to open the doors to other dimensions.
"Noosphere Art Wave" Project is planning a practical use of this information and conducting an experiment of the activation of a pyramid using one of the paintings shown below by putting it into a mirror placed inside of a pyramid.
In 2011-2012 in the Project of Nooshpere Art Wave it is planned to conduct experiments related to activation of the pyramids through various means. One of these means intends to use the DNA Wave biocomputer. It is a device which is capable of scanning the information streams of noosphere and turn them into sound. It had been developed  by P.Gariaev (Ph.D, Biology; academician of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences; academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences) in the Institute of Wave Genetics (Moscow, Russia) and in organization of Non-commercial Partnership Biology of XXI-st century (Moscow, Russia).

DNA Wave biocomputer allows to create the audio-matrices of Roerich paintings, Planets, Stars, as well as other objects.
The device scans the energy fields of miscellaneous objects, photos and turns them into sound. Audio-matrices of Stars structure the space and serve as activation keys for the pyramids. DNA Wave biocomputer exerts influence with the information stream of Stars upon the photos of the pyramids. This activates the Pyramids and brings about stable functioning of the Planet. During the Quantum Transition, when the Mayan cycles change, all the Pyramids function as energy stabilizers of Earth’s magnetic field. This allows the Planet to smoothly switch over to the new conditions of existence.

11.11.2011 an activation of the world-wide pyramid system had been carried out with the help of a DNA sound key, which is encoded into an I-Ching sequence.

DNA key has the following matrix.

With the help of laser quantum bio-computer, the spectra of Yang and Yin energies, of which the I-Ching hexagrams consist, had been received. Based on the DNA key encoded into the I-Ching matrix, a special sound spectrum had been formed.

A transmission of the I-Ching sound key to the pyramid located in Chichen Itza had been carried out with the use of special sound radio-frequency radiation into the space structured by pyramid’s avatar, called the Noosphere’s Correction Module. This brought about the release of the world pyramid system from the sleeping mode. As a consequence of the above, the increase of power (capacity) of pyramids and other sacral structures standing in the nodes of planetary grid is taking place, aimed at stabilization of planet’s field and its preparation to the change of cycles reflected in Mayan calendar.

Ludmila Puterbrot (Los Angeles) -"Noosphere Art Wave" project coordinator


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