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Tzolk'in – a matrix of avatars for reference frequencies of the Universe’s hologram

The Universe has a holographic nature. All the objects in it have their own crystalline modules, which create their own holographic projections. The energy source for crystalline modules is the bio-plasma. It has various frequency parameters. There are 13 principal reference frequencies, which spread throughout the 20 octaves of holographic reality. Tzolk’in is a matrix of these frequencies. A hologram possesses the properties of fractals.
An avatar in the form of a certain planet corresponds to each reference frequency of Tzolk’in. The planet is a fractal of stellar systems, while the stellar systems are fractals of galaxies. Through the fractal planetary channel, energy from avatar’s planet comes to the crystalline modules of various objects. There are methods of diagnostics, which identify the planet and avatar with which an object works. Creation of a database of hologram frequencies’ avatar properties is currently in process. Influence of fractal planetary channels upon the properties of water is being studied, their sound spectra are being created, mathematic apparatus for analysis of spectral composition of planetary channels is being developed.

Methods for scanning the 260 reference frequencies of the Universe’s hologram

Each day has the energy of a certain cosmic channel, the number of which can be calculated with the help of Mayan calendar – the Tzolk’in.
A device has been developed in the form of a dodecahedron with parabolic  mirrors, the focus of which (mirrors) converges in the figure’s center. The figure has got a shape which is identical to the Earth’s planetary grid. Therefore, the planet’s energy is concentrated in the center of dodecahedron.
There are several methods for scanning of the channel’s energy in center of dodecahedron.
1.Scanning is carried out by a random number generator and a white noise generator, which are installed in the center of intersection of mirrors’ foci.
2.A vessel with water is installed in the focus of mirrors, the properties of which water change depending on the type of energy and information of the channel. Such water becomes an avatar of the fractal planetary channel.
3.Vessels with liquid gypsum (plaster), glass or wax are installed in the focus of mirrors. During the hardening process, these substances absorb the energy, becoming the avatars of reference frequencies of the Universe’s hologram.
Properties of the avatars of frequencies are analyzed with various devices and converted in sound spectra with the help of laser quantum bio-computer, developed by the group of academician Peter P. Gariaev in the Institute of Quantum Genetics (Moscow), Non-Commercial Partnership Biology of XXI-st century ( www.wavegenetic.ru )
Special mantras and other methods have been obtained for activation of any of 260 reference frequencies of the Universe’s hologram. They allow to direct that particular frequency and energy onto any object at any point of space and time.

Ludmila Puterbrot (Los Angeles) -"Noosphere Art Wave" project coordinator


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