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Types of diagnostic

Diagnostics of human’s predisposition towards telepathy.

Human’s nativity is an energy matrix of his/her archetype and physical body. This matrix has many different parameters. Some of them are responsible for human’s abilities to psi-phenomena, such as telepathy and management (control) of the Field of Events. Human’s matrix depends on his/her geographical location of birth and is called the natal chart. When a person moves to different location, a shift of the horoscope parameters of such a person takes place. Such a matrix is called the local chart. Depending on the location to which a person moves, a shift of various parameters of horoscope of the person in question occurs. A method based on mathematical approaches has been developed, which allows finding out the various parameters of the human’s energy matrix. One of such parameters is the ability towards telepathy. This ability can be strengthened or weakened, depending on the location of residence. A special computer program has been created, which scans the atlas of 250 000 locations and forms a list of those places, where the person’s telepathic abilities are amplified.



Bioplasm. represents the energy plasma membrane, which holds the crystal. At the same time, Bioplasm can serve as the source of energy power used by the generator crystal which forms the hologram of the object. In addition, Bioplasm forms the crystal cones, which are the vortices that open portals between dimension octaves, which lead to formation of space channels in the Kozyrev space. These channels are used for information and energy exchange between the crystal modules in space and time

Method of diagnostics of the DNA state.

The Universe consists of the holograms of various objects which emerge during coherent radiation of 13 reference frequencies of the Universe in 20 octaves of dimensions. In correspondence with each frequency, there is a planet and a cosmic channel connecting the object’s crystal with the frequency’s avatar-planet. In total, there exist 260 frequencies. They are depicted in the Mayan Calendar. The physical reality occupies a small frequency range; therefore, 64 cosmic channels are manifest in it. They are the 64 DNA commands, 44 of which are functioning in dormant state for the ordinary persons. Each DNA command corresponds to certain physical and energy systems and is perceived in the form of emotions. These (emotions) depend on the functioning of chakras. There exist 7 main chakras; 6 out of them correspond to various emotions. The I-Ching DNA matrix consists of 6 lines which correspond to the chakras. It contains all the possible variants of emotions which depend on the particular chakras being active. They may be depicted with various color gamuts in the necessary proportions. Through the special diagnostic methods different images (paintings) were chosen, which carry the energy of 64 types of emotions. With the help of these it is possible to diagnose and harmonize the energy systems of organism corresponding to different commands of the DNA language that are used by the holographic computer in the form of human’s crystal. In order to diagnose the necessary DNA command, one needs to choose the corresponding image (painting) and tune to its perception. If the perception of the image stirs up discomfort, this shows the presence of energy jams in the corresponding system of the organism. For the elimination of these (jams), it is necessary to work with the image (painting) until the picture starts giving rise to positive emotions. One of the possible methods of working with the paintings’ images is laying one’s hands upon the picture for several minutes, until the feelings of energy arise in the body.

Diagnostics and correction of the current Field of Events.

In sacred geometry a figure is known called the Flower of Life. Its depictions are found throughout the whole world. They show the interference picture of Universe’s hologram vibrations, which create the physical reality. The interaction of vibrations creates the figure out of 13 spheres, called the Metatron’s Cube. Its spheres are the sources of Universe’s reference frequencies. They are in correspondence with 13 crystal skulls of Atlantis, created with the help of morpho-crystalline transformation process. Between each pair of spheres there exists an information channel, depicted in the form of a line connecting the two spheres. There exist 78 energy portals for two-way information exchange. A human’s crystal has got an information system of Metatron’s Cube, which is responsible for shaping of the Field of Events. Its cyclic recurrence depends on the human’s individual energy matrix implanted during the birth. Special mathematical methods allow calculating the cycles of the Field of Events and depicting them in the form of activity graphs for the Event Portals of Metatron’s Cube, encoded in the Tarot system. Methods of correction of the Field of Events had been developed. One of these methods activates the necessary Event Portals with the help of avatar pictures of the Universe’s reference frequencies. In order to implement that (method), it is necessary to choose 2 pictures and touch them with two hands. The right and the left hand should lie upon different pictures. The correction (process) lasts for several minutes, until the feelings of energy arise in the body.

The planetary grid is connected with the cosmic frequencies and octaves of dimensions. It consists of the icosahedron, which carries the energies of reference frequencies, and the dodecahedron, which is a crystal of Universe’s 20 dimensions. In order to choose an individual art harmonizer, it is necessary to compute its parameters according to the Mayan Tzolk’in calendar, and to choose the necessary pair of pictures. The right hand should be placed upon the picture responsible for the dimension (1-20); while the left hand (should be placed) upon the picture responsible for the frequency (1-13).

Crystalline geography.

The principal element of Noosphere’s structure is the Noospheric Crystalline Module. It is an information computer, which uses the DNA language, consisting of 64 commands, as its programming [language]. The Universe is of a holographic nature. Therefore, its each element
carries the energy of one of DNA commands. In order to harmonize the Noosphere, it is necessary to harmonize its geographical information components, which are the various centers of population. Special methods had been developed for diagnostics of [certain] centers of
population belonging to a specific DNA command of Noospheric crystal.
When this command is known, it is possible to initiate the process of harmonization with the help of language of colors, depicted on an image. The colors’ gamut and their sequence for such an image represent the necessary energy in a holographic way. In order to harmonize a center of population, a group of individuals is necessary, which, with the help of an image, would tune in to the required wave frequency and initiate the Noosphere cleansing process over the
necessary center of population.

Equipment assisted diagnostics of the Influence of Art Harmonizers upon Human’s Wellbeing

The diagnostics had been carried out on the Omega-M equipment by 5 parameters:
A – the adaptive function
B – the vegetative function (autopilot)
C – cells’ functioning
D – central nervous system
H – general health condition

Harmonization of the chakras and subtle bodies of man

Diagnostics of human aura before and after harmonization, assisted by hardware and software system AURA.




Diagnostics of human aura before and after harmonization, assisted by hardware and software system AURA.

Parameters of chakras before and after harmonization
red – before harmonization
yellow – after several minutes of harmonization


Ludmila Puterbrot (Los Angeles) -"Noosphere Art Wave" project coordinator


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