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Work with the countries' egregors.

Work with the countries' egregors.

Egregors are one of the types of holograms, of which the Universe consists. They are complex energy-informational structures, created and supported by the thoughts and actions of humans who are under the aegis of various planets. Egregors consist of one or more crystalline modules interacting with each other in a hierarchical way. An example can be modules of nations connected to the modules of states, which, in turn, are combined into a single "Internet Network of Mankind" (INM). INM is considered a part of the Earth Noosphere and then it is a part of the “Internet of Universe". All these networks can be represented as Internet servers, which store web-sites of Akasha chronicles.
Crystalline Modules of different countries’ egregors are supplied with Bio-Plasma, which is obtained from various fractal planetary channels. There are different methods for connection to egregors and rules of working with them. Connection to a country’s egregor and working with it provides positive events and lightness in achieving necessary goals set by a human. One of the methods for connection to a country’s egregor is the use of access keys to egregor in the form of numeral cosmo-matrices.
When working with any egregors, it is necessary to adhere to safety measures, which consist in special methods of shielding a human’s thoughts from egregor’s influence and in analysis of compatibility of bio-plasma channels of a human and egregor. An unprepared human, who’s bio-plasma functions in a lesser frequency range than the egregor’s one, can not work with it. Such a human can get under the egregor’s influence, which will lead to his/her energy and psychical exhaustion.



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