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Crystal Skulls of Atlantis

Crystal Skulls of Atlantis

In the times of Atlantis, 13 crystal skulls had been created. They are the keepers of ancient lore information and the portals to other dimensions. Originally, they had only the energy constituent created with the help of thoughts. After that, a morpho-crystalline transformation had taken place. This process assumes the use of ethereal matrix for materialization of an object in the form of a quartz crystal of necessary form.
The skull shape has a special structure, which concentrates Kozyrev’s time energy. This allows amplifying the energy properties of quartz crystals multiple times, which leads to creation of complex polyhedral (multi-faceted) energy fields, which are not available for crystals of usual form.
Crystal skulls are the transmitters; this property allows them to give and receive information and energy; this is actively used by healers and medics of various directions. Healers activate the crystals in a particular way, so as to initiate the healing algorithm in necessary moment.
13 skulls of the Atlantis are the avatars of planetary grid portals in the form of icosahedron of 12 vertices and the 13th vertex in the center of the grid. Fractal planetary channels, from which the energy of various planets comes, are connected to the nodes of the grid. The skulls have their own numbers, which are reflected in the calendar, as well as the activation codes in the form of a password, without which they can’t be accessed. In our times, a multitude of new recently produced crystal skulls have emerged, which are in the energy-information connection with the Atlantis skulls. For successful work, special methods of their activation and connection to the ancient crystal skulls are required.
As a result of prolonged research, the cosmo-matrices of access to the ancient skulls of Atlantis have been successfully received. Active work with their phantoms is currently taking place; it is planned to ascertain their locations at the present moment.

A method of scanning the information from crystal skulls in the form of sound has been developed.
It consists in using the laser quantum bio-computer and the principles on quantum nonlocality. The bio-computer had been developed by the group of academician P.P.Gariaev in the Institute of Quantum Genetics (Moscow), Non-commercial Partnership – Biology of XXI-st century -- wavegenetic.ru).
Another method of receiving the information from the crystal skulls of Atlantis consists in placing a phantom of a skull into a reservoir filled with water. After that, the properties of water change depending on the received information.
The analysis of water properties is conducted in Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology, Kyiv, Ukraine, under the directorship of Michail Vasilyevich Kurik, a Ukrainian scientist, researcher of water. Ph.D. (physical and mathematical sciences), professor. Head of the department of molecular photoelectronics in the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ( http://www.iop.kiev.ua/~val/dep/dep_photoelectronic_en.php ). Director of Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology (http://uiec.org.ua/uk/4.html (Ukrainian version), http://uiec.org.ua/en/3.html (English version)). Authored over 300 scientific papers related to study of water’s structure and the influence of various external field-based factors upon water.


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