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Cosmomatrixes consists of a sequence of Words, Numbers, Sounds, with the right rhythm. They generate a nonlinear torsion fields, which cause activation of dormant DNA codes of language and translates the human body to a higher level of development and functioning.The numbers of cosmomatrixes indicate the phases of a shift between the crystal axes and the axes of rotation of Bioplasm in different dimension octaves. In this case the desired frequency spectrums are formed, which are the space-temporal addresses of the units, among which it is necessary to establish certain information channels for the occurrence of the circumstances leading to the desired result.The frequency spectrums are emitted by the generator and lead to a perturbation of ethereal matter, which forms a crystal cone, and from which there is a directed flow of ether to the unit of the same frequency spectrum.Configuration mechanism occurs when the Crystal Generator receives cosmomatrix by changing the Bioplasm rotation parameters.Adjustment is transmitted through the torsion field, which arose as a result of electromagnetic oscillations of the human brain reading cosmomatrix.

The numerical cosmo-matrices are connected with the Noosphere Correction Module.


Torsion field physics tells us that every symbol radiates a nonlinear torsion field. Thus, the nine tiers of the pyramid radiate certain vibrations. Each tier of the Pyramid corresponds to a digit. Pronunciation of the Digit brings about activation of the radiation of corresponding tier of a Pyramid. The digital cosmo-matrices (sets of numbers) were received, the pronunciation of which activates certain sequences of Pyramid radiation.

A cosmohealer, when working with the numerical matrices, should have an image of the Noosphere Correction Module; his/her palm should be placed upon it. For males the right hand should be used, for females the left one. This increases the speed of realization of the set goal.

Cosmomatrixes are being received from miscellaneous fractal planetary channels. A cosmohealer who is using a cosmomatrix should have an analogous to the cosmomatrix’s planet fractal planetary Bio-plasma power supply channel, or a channel which is of a higher level. If the power supply of the Bioplasma has a lesser planet number than the planet of cosmomatrix, it may function in a non-correct way, or not function at all.

I Ching is a matrix of DNA instructions of Noosphere’s Crystalline Module. Each command is a hexagram, which has a special vibrational spectrum. In animate nature these commands are represented as letters of which the DNA of human and other forms of life consists. I-Ching matrix consists of 64 hexagrams, each of which has its own number. I-Ching is a dictionary, with the help of which the linguistic (language) sentences in the form of numerical cosmo-matrices may be converted into the DNA language, based on which the Noosphere’s Crystalline Module operates. Thus, the digital cosmo-matrices are the DNA programs which a cosmo-healer receives for a specific situation. They may be translated into sounds, which will create a musical melody, listening to which initiates the DNA program for the necessary aim or event.

Ludmila Puterbrot (Los Angeles) -"Noosphere Art Wave" project coordinator


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