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Collective The "Noosphere Art Wave" Project.

Ludmila Puterbrot (Los Angeles) -"Noosphere Art Wave" project coordinator
Ludmila Puterbrot is a doctor-informo-therapist, who receives and applies her knowledge through contact with the Cosmos. She is an Academician of International Academy of Energy and Informational Science, effective member of the International Academy of the Clairvoyance disciplines, a specialist of traditional folk medicine. Ludmila is awarded with the medal "Elite" and she has the master  degree of  "Golden hands of Russia," she is an expert of the Russian association of "Ecology of unknown". Ludmila  takes part in the international conferences on the study of subtle ecological interactions and energy informational exchange in nature, she is a researcher of influence of cosmic and biosphere factors upon human nature.


Анна Бородина - космохилер http://cosmomatrix.ru/


Vlail Petrovich Kaznacheev – academician of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, president of International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Art and Culture (West-Siberian Branch)


Evgeniy Tsvetkov
Writer, painter, journalist, scientist. Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. He has authored a book titled "Musical astrology" and several dozens of articles on various directions of solid and liquid geo-physics.


Oleg Viktorovich Nikankin — musician, researcher. He has authored a book titled "Introduction into astro-music". Studying the phenomenon of Harmony of Spheres from the mathematical point of view, he converts fractal ratios and the golden ratio into various expressive means of musical language. This allows, for example, representing in a new way such natural phenomena as the movement of planets in Solar system («Polymetry»). He was involved into study of the “Arkaim” complex in Ural region.


Poberezhnaya, Galina Ionovna

Doctor of Arts, professor, musical therapist, astro-psychologist, organizer and director of the center of art therapy and psycho-diagnostics (Kyiv). She graduated Kyiv conservatory named after P. I.  Tchaikovsky, a postgraduate course of Leningrad conservatory named after N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov. She  has authored over 100 scientific publications, including monographs, text books and tutorials. Her scientific works had been published in Ukrainian, Russian, English and Polish.
National Pedagogical University named after M. Dragomanov Chair of Theory and History of Music



PhD, Acad

The Director of the Science Center of Physics of Vacuum.
The Vice-President of Academy of Information and Physics of Vacuum.
The Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
The Academician of the International Academy of Information.
The Academician of the International Academy of Biotechnologies.
The Academician of Academy of New Consciousness.



M.A., Acad.

Project management, specializing in the development of world-leading technologies in the physics of vacuums and torsion fields, alternative energy sources, power transmission, transportation systems and communications. Integrating ideas through the fusion of scientific disciplines. Innovative solutions through cross-science R&D in the life sciences and nanotechnology.



Dr. Liubov Gordina. President Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly (NSEWA, World Assembly). Doctor of Philosophy, Ph,D. Technical Science,  Author idea and project of the Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind, Moscow, Russia.


Georgiy Tertyshnyy – doctor of technical sciences, physicist. He invented devices based on laser, which scan the torsion fields of any objects and convert them into sound spectra.


Viktor Rubenovich Mikirtumov, physicist, inventor of a modification of Kirlian device, which allows to “see” the energy entities. Video about the camera.


Pavlenko Anatoliy Robertovich
Developer of “FORPOST-1” and “SPINOR” devices. General director of “Spinor International” ltd. spinor.kiev.ua , vice-president of Association of Aeronautics and Space, academician of UNESCO International Bio-Energo-Technologies Academy, Ph.D. (technical sciences)


Olga Ivanovna Kayokina is a neurophysiologist and reflexologist. She had graduated the Yaroslavl State Medical Institute and a postgraduate course in the Biophysics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. She is the author of 105 published scientific works and 5 inventions, has a PhD in medicine. She is also a leading scientist of the Federal Scientific Clinical Expertise Center for Traditional Methods of Diagnostics and Treatment.


Boris Petrovic. Earth Soul Scientist and Noospheric Philosopher. A digital artist, an engineer of tele-automation systems, a researcher into Tesla's "World system", Earth's magnetosphere, ionosphere and magnetic reconnection. Boris is an associate of The Serbian "Nikola Tesla" Society in Belgrade, Serbia and a researcher at The Institute of New Cosmology and the Science of Time. Serbia. www.hronoya.org noosphereforum.org


Country and city of residence. MOJACAR, ALMERIA, SPAIN
Marysol Gonzalez Sterling born 10th January 1951 in Madrid, SPAIN
Marysol is an artist, painter and sculptor with much success in her twenties, http://esculturasMETAFISICAS.blogspot.com   She decided in her thirties that the most important work of art was the human being. She is always self-taught in all her research and also as a scientist metaphysician. She has published several books in Spanish by editorial Edaf about karmic astrology and also Iching and transpersonal psychology, book that was published also by Samuel Weisser editors in USA and it is now available in www.amazon.com. It is a method to give structure to the Individuation process of Jungian Psychology and also developed a structure to paint and interpret symbols of the soul and dream state through Mandalas. She has studied iridology and the Mayan calendar, being a founder and promoter of the 13 moon calendar movement. As well was a main organizer of the Harmonic Convergence synchronization art for peace world event with Jose Arguelles in 1987. She founded in 1983 Planet Art Network and is still president, this has been an organization for culture of peace art events in collaboration with the UN and many townhalls and governmental organizations. She has also lectured extensively in many universities in California, Colorado and New York City about Spanish art and artists in the 80s and has done art exhibitions and performance art in many cities in the USA and in Europe in the 70s and 80s. In 1992 and 1997 organized the reconciliation of the Spanish Crown with Her Majesty Queen Sofia and governments of the land of the Conquistadores Extremadura by coordinating a delegation of native Americans with Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo.  From 1987 to 2009 she founded and coordinated an international school of Cranio Sacral therapy and researched the reason for cranial deformations of ancient civilizations, discovering that the reason was to free the two optical nerves that are adhere to their foramina, being the only nerves that have this condition and related to what it was said in the PopolVuh Mayan creation genesis. Also founded and is vice-president of Association of Sacro Cranial Osteopathy www.sacrocraneal.org Also organized and research with dolphins ultrasound with cranio sacral therapy and dolphin therapy in Canary Islands from 1997 to 2000. She created the software for voice analysis
BiosonicFFT and has many contacts with physicists and medical doctors all over the world in a Yahooforum Biosonic group that are interested in voice analysis and it connection and use for health diagnosis and light color and sound therapy. She has research extensively with frequencies for  health issues and with light and prisms. She has developed a connection between Johann Goethe light theories and the Iching, developing several theories that are included in the Biosonic software for voice analysis.  She has researched with several biofeedback systems Voll electro-acupuncture, Russian Virtual Scanner and Kirlian machines, as well as Iridology. Since 2009 she is founder and president of SOLeris foundation www.fundacion-soliris.eu and has many sites with many videos and shares freely all her research knowledge to help raise human consciousness and research the change of paradigm in human evolution due to the maximum activity of the sun these next years. She is now ready to develop a software for the general public of SOUND/LIGHT therapy and diagnosis with Biosonic techniques. www.fundacion-soliris.eu/biosonicfft.html, www.fundacion-soliris.eu/coherencia.html www.fundacion-soliris.eu/fotonica.html and www.fundacion-soliris.eu/ondaformavoz.html Has researched with cerebral palsy and epileptic children with EEG and EKG in intensive clinic settings, as well as biofeedback of Phi in the heart and brian. Has worked with Dan Winter systems of Phi Coherence EKG/EEG and can develop a full coherence method with voice analysis, respiration, brain and hearth coherence www.fundacion-soliris.eu/neurociencia.html .
In the year 1982 she got toxic radon radiation that appeared as Acute yeloblastic Leukemia in 2002 and she has undergone two bone marrow transplants, the last in 2006 with an bidirectional mismatch of the DNA, so now she has 100% changed blood and has done amazing recovery, not understood by medical doctors. Has 98% of LymphocytesT and a brain scan with an unknown light in the center of the brain, above the hypothalamus. She is now researching the connection of the hyoid bone to the thymus gland, and the important evolution that would be activating the relationship between the thymus gland to the pineal gland. Studies the Mayan codex about the pineal gland and the eyes as part of our multidimensional brain and has done many videos that are in internet free for everybody. Now she is also sharing a new and revolutionary method of astrology seeing the synchronicity between the charts of several persons in a family or group of persons and will open a new website www.sincroniasolar.com to share it as altruistically as possible with all audiences, hoping that astrology consciousness will help us understand our experiences on planet Earth and many persons will have the revelation for their reason why they chose to live now in planet earth.

Gariaev, Peter Petrovich, head of the Non-Commercial Partnership – Biology of XXI-st century. Ph.D., doctor of biological sciences, acad. Russian Acad. Natural Sci., acad. Russian Acad. Medical/Technical Sci. ( Russian version www.wavegenetic.ru English version http://eng.wavegenetic.ru/ ). Moscow, Russia.

Kurik, Michail Vasilyevich, Ph.D., doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor. Head of the Department of Molecular Photoelectronics in the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Director of Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology (http://uiec.org.ua/uk/4.html (Ukrainian version), http://uiec.org.ua/en/3.html (English version)). Authored over 300 scientific papers related to study of water’s structure and the influence of various external field-based factors upon water.
The Institute of Physics, http://www.iop.kiev.ua/site/dep/dep_photoelectronic.php (Ukrainian version), http://www.iop.kiev.ua/~val/dep/dep_photoelectronic_en.php (English version)), Ukraine, Kyiv.


Binat, Sergey Gerasimovich, president of Ukrainian Academy of Healing ( http://www.ineo.com.ua/UkrainianAcademy/index.php ), academician of Ukrainian Academy of Technology, Ph.D., doctor of folk and non-traditional medicine, doctor-cardiologist, Kyiv, Ukraine.


Kmit’, Yaroslav Mykhaylovych, chancellor of “L’viv Stavropigion” University, Ph.D., doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor. Authored over 100 scientific papers, among which are a monography, tutorials, textbook on medical and biological physics.


Romanets’, Myroslav Petrovich, senior scientist of “L’viv Stavropigion” University, head of first center of integrative anthrosophy and juvenology, L’viv, Ukraine.


Petlin, Valeriy Nikolayevich – Ph.D., doctor of geographical sciences, professor of L’viv National University named after I.Franko. Chairman of the Western Center of Energy-information exchange sciences. Scientific interests: landscape-ecological expertize, laws (patterns) of spatial-temporal organization of landscapes, bio-energetic laws of nature organization. Member of Editorial Council of a Journal. L’viv, Ukraine.



Belyaev Michail Ivanovich -- professor, Ph.D. (philosophy, economics), full member of the Public Academy of National Safety, full member of International Public Academy of Ecological Safety and Nature Management, author of a Unified Science – MILogy ( http://www.milogiya2008.ru/ ), Moscow, Russia.


Mariya Chumarna. A famous poetess from L’viv, a member of the National Writers’ Union of Ukraine. Founder of a unique author’s School of Ukrainian Studies. An expert on sacral symbols of various peoples. Authored a book titled "The Ukrainian Embroidery Code", in which a connection between the Ukrainian Embroidery and the symbols of Maya Indians is shown; the meaning of these symbols and their influence upon the human energy is deciphered. A video: Spiritual Synergy as a basis of the ancient culture. Videos Spiritual senergiya as the basis of an ancient culture.


Doroshko S.E., economist, Noosphere Economy, Russia

Kadyrkhan Utin, Noosphere Economy, portal director http://pautina.kz/ Kazakhstan


 Dr Vergun is a full professor in Informational Medicine from the International Academy of Information, Communication, Control in Engineering, Nature, Society (ICCIA), Russia. He is also
-    a Graduate from the Medical Institute of Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine (Ukraine)
-    a qualified hypno-therapeutist from the International Association of Traditional Medicine (UNESCO)
Dr Vergun has worked in Europe as a curator to a network of private clinics.
From 1993 to 2001 year has worked with Russian State, Duma (Russia’s lower parliament house), as a consultant. Concurrently, he runs a busy practice in All-Russian Scientific-and-Research Center of Traditional and Folk Medicine "ENIEM" in Moscow.
In 2002 Dr. Vergun was awarded an Order of Tsiolkovski’s Star by the International Academy of Information, Communication, Control in Engineering, Nature, Society (ICCIA), Russia. He was also honored by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (Moscow) with a degree of doctor of medical sciences and as an Academic, for scientific findings that has great meaning for the present and future of mankind. 
In 1993, Dr Vergun founded the Scientific Group “Ocean-TV”, which consisted of leading Russian physicists and mathematicians. They created a unique system of exercises called “Golden Ten Exercises” which aims to solve a person’s health problems and increasing their consciousness. In 1995, Dr Vergun created a harmonizing psychotropic device that can be used in a wide spectrum of applications.
He is a trainer and speaker in teaching seminars on the “Golden Ten Exercises” system in Russia and various countries, participant of many scientific conferences and TV programs; sharing his and the “Ocean-TV” group findings with a wide audience of people.
Dr Vergun is an author of two books: “The fundamental laws of existence and survival of a Human Being” (Moscow, 2000) and “The bread in a palm of coming back to life” (Saint-Petersburg, 2003) and many scientific articles on subjects of traditional and alternative medicine, object and process quality determination, global safety, and water.
Dr Vergun is a healer who has created his own healing methodology and products based on deep knowledge of acupuncture, massaging, bioenergetics and alternative healing practices.
In addition to his specialty in traditional and alternative medicine, Dr Vergun also works in the area of paranormal science. By virtue of his paranormal abilities, he is able to receive correct information about his surroundings and notice inaccuracy in formulas and postulates that mathematicians and physicists of his scientific group work on. This has enabled him to lead research groups to the discovery, understanding and embracing of true integrated physics, mathematics and subtle aspects of reality. The “Ocean-TV” group has created unique devices that are made in a form of cards: for personal use, for home and office, mobile phone, water, car, professional size. These cards contain the entire spectrum of energies represented by each one of the 200 crystal formation known to science. When you hold one of card, you have in your hand the energetic equivalent of a Life Source Generator. In a room, they resolve the discordant energies created by square corners and faulty proportions, and fill the entire space with Golden Mean vibrations, solve problem of EMR, return water to its pristine state, help cells of human body regain natural vibrations and thus solve its health problems.
Dr. Vergun regularly holds workshops in Russia and Ukraine. He is also invited to bring his knowledge to other countries: July-August 2005 in Sedona, USA (by invitation of Drunvalo Melchisedek); February 2009 Stuttgart, Germany; May 2009 London, England, etc.


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