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Languages of Atlanteans, Lemurians

Languages of Atlanteans,  Lemurians

On this video a text in the ancient language of Senzar is being read aloud. It has a linguistic structure identical to the linguistic structure of the DNA language of human’s crystal. Acoustic listening to this text initiates the activation of human’s dormant DNA commands. This in turn promotes organism’s adaptation to the changes of environment, provoked by the changes of solar activity and Earth’s magnetic fields.

The Atlantis’ Planetary Shield.

In 1994 the telecast of "Unknown Universe" program series was shown on Russian NTV television channel in Riga, Latvia. In the “Cosmic Medicine” section, the healing sessions hosted by sisters -- Ludmila Puterbrot and Anna Borodina -- were presented. One of the tele-viewers contacted with the Noosphere informative field after watching this program. One of the Atlantean time capsules had been triggered on.By automatic writing, she received 24 pages of text, diagrams, charts and formulae in an unknown language.After years of attempts to decode these texts, the information was partially deciphered. It became clear that this language is Senzar.

It was spoken in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria for communication with extraterrestrial civilizations. Presumably this language had been brought to Earth from the Pleiades constellation. This constellation is connected with the Solar system via miscellaneous astronomical cycles. The Sun rotates around Alcyone, the central star of Pleiades constellation, and in 2012 the time period of 26 000 years is about to end, at the end of which a galactic eclipse and a quantum transition will take place.The scheme of nine-tier Pyramid is shown in the texts. At each of its facets hieroglyphics are drawn. A theory is there that they are the sono-graphs, a special graphical form of sound recording. There’s a science of Cymatics which in essence studies how the sounds produce symbols, and vice versa, how each symbol radiates a sound. Torsion field physics tells us that every symbol radiates a nonlinear torsion field. Thus, the nine tiers of the pyramid radiate certain vibrations. Each tier of the Pyramid corresponds to a digit. Pronunciation of the Digit brings about activation of the radiation of corresponding tier of a Pyramid. The digital cosmo-matrices (sets of numbers) were received, the pronunciation of which activates certain sequences of Pyramid radiation. As a result, a vortex appears above it, which draws surrounding space into the Pyramid and cleanses it from the negative. This pyramid is called the Noosphere Correction Module. It is embedded into one of the junctions (nodes) of the Planetary Grid, on which grid the Global Pyramid System is founded. The purpose of this system is to purify the Noosphere from the negative. There exists a possibility of the pyramid functioning in the star gate mode. The Global System is particularly activated in the time of change of planetary cycles. Noosphere Correction Module is a timer which activates the pyramids and other sacral formations located at the nodes of Planetary Grid at the right time.

It had been constructed by Atlanteans on the nodes of the grid. They also placed the time capsules within the pyramids. Planetary grid is a system of Planet’s meridians; its nodes are the acupuncture points, while the Pyramids are the antennas, with the help of which the useful information is being injected. The harmonizing vibrations of a pyramid, which have entered one of the grid nodes, are being spread through it to the whole planet and are being radiated through other nodes. The Planet’s pyramid system is created for cleansing of the Noosphere from the negative, for transmission of vibrations which activate the dormant DNA commands, for stabilization of Earth’s magnetic field, as well as for creating of an energy shield to protect the Planet from intense solar activity in the period of Quantum Transition. There exists a possibility of creating new nodes of planetary grid with the help of Noosphere Correction Module’s avatars.

The pyramid scheme printed on a paper functions as a torsion generator, which creates a teleportation channel connecting the real pyramid with the location of its avatar. That allows stabilizing of the functioning of planetary grid surrounding the pyramid’s avatar.

The Planetary grid is a part of Planet’s Noosphere Crystal. It is an energy and information cell (one of many), which the Noosphere consists of. Besides the grid, this cell consists of bio-plasma (the atmosphere, magnetic and other fields of the Planet) and the DNA program (Planet’s information field). The Grid is a carrier of Noosphere’s information field. The Information in Noosphere’s field is preserved in the form of programs consisting of the DNA wave commands (the I-Ching).
The Crystal is present in different dimensions in the form of Platonic Solids. Each crystal is projected to the planet’s surface.


The vertices of crystals are the planet’s chakras, the ribs of crystals are the planet’s energy meridians.  The crystal vertices radiate energy. On the level of the Planet this is manifested in the form of mountains. All the mountains are standing on the vertices of the crystal and are functional as the main energy sources for Atlantean planetary shield. Carpathians are one of the most ancient mountains. There are star gates and portals to other realms located within them. A depiction of a Trident had been discovered in Carpathians, which is analogous to the Trident from Nazca plateau. This fact points to the network of portals connecting Carpathians to the Nazca. One of the portals in Carpathians is an artificial structure with inscriptions of petro-glyphs, which, accordingly to the legends, had been created by the giants. This location has its own activity cycles and is called Pysanyi Kamin’ (the Inscribed Stone). Several expeditions had discovered the humming of this portal in the hours of its activity.

Crystals radiate their own sounds. Pythagoras correlated Platonic Solids with the sounds, as a result of which the music of spheres came out. The sound of Noosphere is the aggregated sound of 5 Platonic Solids, each vertex of which radiates its’ own vibration in the form of Sanskrit letters. Radiation of such a sound harmonizes the planet’s Noosphere, the Field of Events and Health of a human. Harmonization takes place as a result of processes studied by physics of Keely. It is stated in it that a physical object consists of the ether flow. With the help of vibrations of sound frequencies, it is possible to make the ether vibrate. Having created a vibration, it may be focused in the necessary direction. The emerging ether flow forms a passage, through which the high pressure of ethereal vibrations flows out into the physical form. In this way, it is possible to receive the energy from the sound, creating a bridge, which allows the ether’s energy to flow into the physical reality. The Atlanteans used this information for construction of the Atlantis’ Main Crystal. In this crystal the sound of Platonic solids activated the ether and created the energy which Atlanteans used. One of this energy’s manifestations was the anti-gravity effect, with the help of which the massive blocks for pyramid construction were moved. The same effects were used during creation of the 13 crystal skulls of Atlanteans through the method of morpho-crystalline transformation.

Noosphere Correction Module is a timer which activates the pyramids and other sacral formations located at the nodes of Planetary Grid at the right time. One of the pages contains a map which looks like a section of the Nazca plateau. The plateau is a map, which shows the locations of various pyramids and other sacral structures of the Planet. From this map it became clear that the Noosphere Correction Module is located in Mexico in Chichen Itza. The whole Mexican pyramid system had been constructed by Atlanteans, who knew about the quantum transition. After the completion of construction of the World Pyramid System, they left through the Star Gate to other locations of the Universe.

11.11.2011 an activation of the world-wide pyramid system had been carried out with the help of a DNA sound key, which is encoded into an I-Ching sequence. These signals are the sound spectra received with the help of laser quantum bio-computer, developed by academician P.P.Gariaev’s group in the Institute of Quantum Genetics (Moscow, Russia), Non-Commercial Partnership Biology of XXI-st century ( www.wavegenetic.ru ).

The sound spectra of Torsion-Spin Information (TSI) were received from images of the Sun and the Moon.

Primary recording of TSI was carried out by a special laser, capable of generating photons, which change their polarization (spin states) during the process of probing the photographs. They were converted into the broadband electromagnetic spectrum, which embraces the radio-wave range. This spectrum was registered at a certain wavelength and recorded into a sound file. The sound spectra of Torsion-Spin Information of the Sun (Yang) and the Moon (Yin). Based on the DNA key encoded into the I-Ching matrix, a special sound spectrum had been formed.  A transmission of the I-Ching sound key to the pyramid located in Chichen Itza had been carried out with the use of special sound radio-frequency radiation into the space structured by pyramid’s avatar, called the Noosphere’s Correction Module. This brought about the release of the world pyramid system from the sleeping mode. As a consequence of the above, the increase of power (capacity) of pyramids and other sacral structures standing in the nodes of planetary grid is taking place, aimed at stabilization of planet’s field and its preparation to the change of cycles reflected in Mayan calendar. The powerful flows of energy issuing from the planet core, which had been registered on 11.15.2011 by several stations in various corners of the world, provide confirmation to that.
At the current moment, the radiation of main types of energies of the Universe, embedded into the 13 crystal skulls of Atlanteans, takes place. These energies are connected with the planetary grid, the Mayan calendar and the Metatron’s cube. Within it a map of the keys to portals and time capsules all over the Planet is depicted. Information about the keys is encrypted in the Tarot cards and in the other analogous systems.
It is planned to conduct research for creation of a prototype of Atlantean crystal in the form of dodecahedron with concave mirrors and for verification of a hypothesis of its activation through the avatars of various energies in the form of sound torsion holograms of various stars, planets and other objects received with the help of laser quantum bio-computer, developed by the group of acad. P.P.Gariaev, and with the help of art generators, which are the 64 paintings, the energy of which corresponds to the energies of DNA commands. This part of the research is carried out in the framework of the Noosphere Art Wave Project. Information about other research studies, like the Noosphere’s Telepathic Network, Cosmo-healers’ Activation Network, can be read on the web-site www.cosmohealer.com .

Ludmila Puterbrot (Los Angeles) -"Noosphere Art Wave" project coordinator




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