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Activation keys to the fractal planetary channels

Human physiology is a hologram. Its’ crystal works with the energies of certain planets. They are the fractals of star systems, while the star systems are the fractals of galaxies. The number of activated DNA instructions depends on the type of planetary energies based on which the crystal functions. There exists a possibility of switching the crystal over to any type of planetary energy. For a successful switch over it is necessary to prepare the human bio-plasma for its’ functioning in a higher frequency range. For that it is necessary to perform a cleansing of the bio-plasma and its’ balancing. Without that a transition to new energies may have negative consequences. This may manifest in the form of the human subtle bodies’ hologram distortions, which is expressed on the physical plane through miscellaneous diseases and negative events.
There are multiple fractal channels to the planets from different galaxies. Each fractal planetary channel has its’ own activation key. The keys may be in the form of mantras, mudras, special movements of the hands and the numeral cosmo-matrices.
The energy matrix of human’s crystal has an individual structure. It depends on the time and place of the human’s arrival into the physical world and his/her karmic agenda. In order to switch over the crystal to the frequency range of the necessary planetary channel, an individual key to the energy of that channel is required. It takes into account the structure of the human energy matrix. When switching over to the new vibrational levels, a harmonization of human’s karma takes place. After that the karmic junctions and situations transform into the lighter variants. Different types of fractal planetary channels are responsible for different karmic tasks. This factor determines the type of planetary channel to which the human’s crystal is connected during birth.
Planetary channels have their hierarchy and interrelations. Before transition to the higher power supply level of the human’s crystal, it is necessary to find out from which channel he/she receives the energy at the present moment. After that the question of switching over to the energy of the next channel of frequency hierarchy may be solved. During one’s life it is possible to gradually pass over from the low frequency channels to those of high frequency. For that, a period of adaptation of human’s crystal to the new channel’s energy is required.
The functioning of the human’s crystal on the high frequency planetary channels ensures the activation of all the 64 instructions of the human’s DNA language. This manifests in emergence of the hidden human capabilities, like telepathy, clairvoyance and other paranormal abilities, which are known in yoga under the name of siddhis.

The course includes:

- information about the types of planetary channels, their number and variety;
- a human’s diagnostics, which shows the type of energy of planetary channel with which he/she is currently working;
- correction of the human’s bio-plasma and his/her preparation for the transition to the next planetary channel in the frequency hierarchy;
- types of planetary channel activation keys;
- obtaining of an individual key for activation of the transition to the necessary planetary channel;
- practical exercises on using the individual keys.

Ludmila Puterbrot (Los Angeles) -"Noosphere Art Wave" project coordinator


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