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Noosphere Telepathic Network


The research studies consist of various methods of information transfer.

Schedule for conducting the research.

21.12.2011 Second research is planned to be conducted in cooperation with the Foundation for the Law of Time.

On 21 Dec 2011 time of 12 hours 21 minutes GMT 0 the second research of Noosphere’s Telepathic Network will take place.  In this research, it is planned to use the art torsion generators in the form of paintings which carry the 13 main energies of cosmic channels of Mayan Calendar; 13 crystal skulls of Atlantis correspond to these energies.


Each painting will be encoded with a number.They will be transmitted in a certain sequence. The shall register the sequence of paintings’ energies’ transmission and note down in the report the sequence of paintings’ numbers, according to which (sequence) they were received by the volunteer. As an additional research study, the volunteers may apply an individual sound cosmo-matrix. The report shall be mailed to the following email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


11.11.2011 First research of an equipment-assisted information transfer into the Noosphere.

First description of the study.

On 11.11.2011 at 11 hours 11 minutes GMT 0 a research on equipment assisted transmission and reception of information through the Noosphere’s Telepathic Network had been conducted in Moscow (Russia). On 11.11.2011 at 11 hours 11 minutes GMT 0 in Moscow (Russia), a research on equipment assisted transmission and reception of information through the Noosphere’s Telepathic Network had been conducted. Two signals of opposite energies had been chosen for transmission. These signals are the sound spectra received with the help of laser quantum bio-computer, developed by academician P.P.Gariaev’s group in the Institute of Quantum Genetics (Moscow, Russia), Non-Commercial Partnership Biology of XXI-st century ( www.wavegenetic.ru ).

The sound spectra of Torsion-Spin Information (TSI) were received from images of the Sun and the Moon.

Primary recording of TSI was carried out by a special laser, capable of generating photons, which change their polarization (spin states) during the process of probing the photographs. They were converted into the broadband electromagnetic spectrum, which embraces the radio-wave range. This spectrum was registered at a certain wavelength and recorded into a sound file. The sound spectra of Torsion-Spin Information of the Sun (Yang) and the Moon (Yin) were used for generation of sound sequences for the formerly heavenly order of the trigrams, the Bāguà, which is used in Feng Shui teachings of the Ancient China. An unbroken line is the Yang energy, while a broken one is the Yin energy. A trigram which corresponds to the geographical direction of South was taken as a starting point of the telepathic transmission. The other trigrams were transferred sequentially one by one, superseding their directions clockwise. The energies of the Sun and the Moon were transferred before the broadcast of the trigrams. A graphical depiction of the transferred signal is shown on the Figure.

The order of these trigrams is a part of ancient lore; therefore, a telepathic reception of this sequence, besides from the transmitted images themselves, could activate the human’s dormant DNA instructions, which, in turn, brought about the rise of other images received by the volunteers during information reception. As a result of this, a multitude of interesting reports has been received from the volunteers who participated in the research.
Changes of water properties were monitored during the experiment, water being located in a vessel placed upon the scheme of Noosphere’s Correction Module. Very interesting and important results were received. Based on these results, the methodological premises and algorithms were developed for carrying out further research.


Description of the First Research.

11.11.2011 anchor point of the Noosphere’s Telepathic Network research

time of 11 hours 11 minutes GMT 0

Theoretical substantiation and methods of conducting the research.

The broadcast of information into Noosphere’s Telepathic Network will be carried out with the help of laser quantum bio-computer developed by the group of acad. P.P.Gariaev in the Institute of Quantum Genetics (Moscow), Non-commercial partnership Biology of 21st century ( www.wavegenetic.ru ).
Reception of the information will be carried out by Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology with the help of equipment which scans the information properties of water. These properties change depending on the information transmitted into the Noosphere’s Telepathic Network. This equipment allows identification of the type of water structure, determination of the presence of fractality in it, as well as other parameters.

With the help of laser quantum bio-computer, the sound spectra will be received from two different photos of objects. From these spectra a specific sequence of object spectra will be produced and recorded into the file. The resulting sound file will be retransmitted by a laser beam of quantum bio-computer upon the image of Noosphere’s Correction Module. As a consequence of the above, the laser beam will enter a portal created by this image and will be transmitted through the Noosphere’s Telepathic Network. The time of transmission for one unit of information will amount to 1 - 2 minutes. The duration of reception for an information unit may differ from the duration of transmission, which is in connection with different speeds of time streams in Kozyrev space. Therefore, information may be received ahead of the real time of information transmission, or with a delay from this time.
Noosphere’s Telepathic Network represents an information network within the Noosphere, formed with the help of image of the Noosphere Correction Module printed out on a paper. This image is a scheme of the pyramid, with certain symbols and signs placed on each of its facets. Each symbol radiates a certain torsion field which structures a section of space around the image. During this process, a molding of information channel between the sections of space with identical structure arises. This allows forming a network of energy information channels between the sections of space located nearby the pyramid scheme, and the real pyramid in Chichen Itza. Thus, an image of the pyramid printed out on the paper is a kind of access password to the information channel of Noosphere’s Internet.
In this research the laser quantum bio-computer will transmit the signal of necessary structure into space with the help of a laser. The volunteers located in various countries will receive the bio-computer’s signal proceeding from the portal created in space with the help of an image of Noosphere Correction Module. The signal will consist of 2 types of energies alternating in a certain sequence.

The time of reception of information by volunteers may be arbitrary within 3 days before and after the date of information transmission, which will take place on 11.11.2011. The Universe is of holographic and fractal nature. This relates to time and space. Therefore, temporal harmonics and sub-harmonics, which transmit the signal before and after the actual time of carrying out the signal transmission, arise during signal broadcasting. There exist two tides of time. One of them is directed into the future. It creates the temporal harmonics of a signal. The other tide proceeds towards the past and creates the temporal sub-harmonics of a signal. Astrophysicist Kozyrev was conducting research of the temporal field. Different time streams, which have different directions of movement and speeds of flow, had been discovered. An event occurs at a certain time (the anchor temporal point), after which the information about it gets into different temporal (time related) streams of Kozyrev space. The stream which moves in time into the future is called the temporal harmonic. The stream of time moving backwards in time is called the temporal sub-harmonic. Depending on the speed of flow the signal may be received at different speeds. This may look like accelerated or decelerated (slowed down) playback of a movie from a video-disc.

Volunteer’s manual

A volunteer’s task is to connect to Noosphere’s Telepathic Network and try to register the signal in temporal harmonics and sub-harmonics. For that, it is necessary to print out to the paper an image of the Noosphere Correction Module and place one’s palm upon it.

Scheme Noosphere Correction Module http://cosmohealer.com/img/sxema-222.jpg

For activation of the entry into the Noosphere’s Telepathic Network, it is necessary to read a digital cosmo-matrix, specially developed for this purpose.

14 20 13 02
15 16 17 02
13 15 17 05
17 15 16 06

In that position one should try and register various energies, images and their duration. The results should be recorded into the diary. Registration of the energies may be carried out through various methods, for instance through meditation, or through ‘listening’ to the feelings of coolness, warmth or other (perceptions) in the palm lying on an image of the Noosphere Correction Module.

During the research a volunteer should keep a diary where he/she shall indicate the time of commencement and duration of reception of certain energy, or an image, which he/she would envision during meditation. In the diary of observations one can record the sensations with words, like ‘energy 1’ and ‘energy 2’. One should try and record the sequence of their alternation.
For example:
11.11.2011 15:00 energy 1 received for 2 minutes
11.11.2011 15:02 energy 2 received for 2 minutes
For verification of the hypothesis of temporal harmonics, a volunteer should try and receive the signal several times during 1 – 3 days before and after the real time of carrying out the research. The intended interval for conducting the research is 8.11.2011 – 14.11.2011.
For processing of the information and its statistical analysis, the diary of information reception shall be mailed to the following email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
After information processing, the results will be published on the web-site www.cosmohealer.com


Additional information about the method of human’s condition diagnostics. The use of this method is not obligatory by its nature and depends only on the wish of a volunteer.

For facilitation of registration of energies’ alternation it is possible to use special goggles. These goggles consist of 2 colored glasses. Green glass is for the right eye, red glass is for the left eye. While wearing these goggles, it is necessary to look at the source of light, for example, at the bulb of a pocket flashlight. And one should observe how the color of a bulb changes. It depends on the activity of states of human brain hemispheres, while these states depend on the energy received by a human.

The video of the studies


The purpose and history of the project Noosphere Telepathic Network

The First Noosphere Worldwide Congress should had taken place on July 18-22, 2009, in Ubud, Bali island, Indonesia. It should had been featured by “ROUNDTABLE” PRESENTATIONS «Global strategic initiative of the world civil community: NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL-ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR the HUMANKIND”. A report had been prepared for this event by Ludmila Puterbrot (Russia) – NSEWA international cooperation coordinator. Her Presentation was titled: “The Role of Noo-Constitution in forming of non-verbal (telepathic) interaction”.

Based on this report, which should had been delivered on Bali, a research project titled “Noosphere’s telepathic network” has been developed. Its purpose is the study of information flows of the Noosphere and the telepathic exchange of information. In this research it is planned to use a scheme on the Noosphere Correction Module in the form of a pyramid, for transmission and reception of the information through the Noosphere. There’s a hypothesis that its image structures and cleanses the space from the negative and promotes the fine tuning to the information flows of the Noosphere. In this experiment it is planned to use the individual cosmo-matrices, which will help to jointly tune to the necessary information stream. The information will be transmitted from a certain location and received by persons from different countries.
As an option, a shape-conditioned torsion field generator in the form of dodecahedron may be used for connection to the Noosphere information flows.

The crystalline planetary grid is the energy framework for the information field of the noosphere. It has multi-level structure consisting of various crystals in the form of Plato’s bodies. The vertices, facets and edges of the crystals are projected onto the planet.
The vertices are the places of power, the energy centers of the planet, upon which all the sacral structures are located. The edges (ribs) of the crystal are the noosphere’s information channels which connect the planet’s chakras. They are the acupuncture channels of the planet. It is intended to register the pathways and the speed of spreading of the information through its’ transmission in one of the nodes of planetary grid.
The volunteers who will receive the information should be located in different countries near the main nodes of the planetary grid or near the node of one of its’ sub-systems.
The Operator, who will transmit the information, will be located in one of the nodes of the grid as well.
More detailed information about the planetary grid can be found in Kyril Lachugin’s book: “Earth – a large crystal?”
The intended number of volunteers is 1000 persons. The more people participate, the more exact results we’d get.

We intend to use several different methods for conducting an experiment on telepathy. They will be somewhat similar to those conducted by Mr. V. Kaznacheyev and Mr. A.Trofimov, related to transmitting the thoughts in Kozyrev Mirrors. 5000 persons participated in those experiments.


1st method consists in using an image of a pyramid, which is a noosphere correction module and is located in Mexico. Each volunteer will be given an image of this pyramid, which image is a shape-based torsion generator structuring the space. Individual numeral cosmo-matrices will be obtained, the pronunciation of which connects a person to the necessary noosphere stream. The operator, who will be transmitting information to noosphere, will be located in one of the nodes of the planetary grid sub-system.

2nd method consists in using a framework figure of a dodecahedron, into which the concave mirrors will be installed. The nodes of the dodecahedron will be interconnected by the light conduits, through which a laser beam will run imbued with information from different objects, like Stars, Paintings, Minerals, the information about which is received with the help of DNA Wave biocomputer.

3rd method: a laser beam of DNA Wave biocomputer, which will transmit information about miscellaneous symbols and objects, will be directed to a photo of a planet.

4th method consists in using the laser quantum biocomputer and the principles on quantum nonlocality in relationship to the neurons of the cerebrum (this had been developed by the group of academician P.P.Gariaev in the Institute of Quantum Genetics (Moscow) -- wavegenetic.ru), encephalographs, as well as other devices developed by P.Gariaev in theNon-commercial Partnership – Biology of XXI-st century

5th method Studying the duration of information preservation in various information layers of the Noosphere. Certain symbols and images were transferred to the Noospheres’ information field with the help of cosmo-matrices. A volunteer should download an image of the Noosphere Correction Module and lay his/her palm upon it. For males the right hand should be used, while for females the left one. Then a meditation should be undertaken.

The images which emerge during the meditation should be described and sent to the following email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

During the process of carrying out the research of properties of the information streams of Noosphere, it is planned to conduct the monitoring of planet’s information field with the help of instruments/devices which scan the informational properties of water upon which the phantom of Planet Earth will be projected.
The instruments/devices allow to detect the type of water structure, to determine the presence of fractality in it, as well as other parameters.
The monitoring will be conducted by Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Director of the Institute -- professor, doctor of sciences M.V.Kurik, head of the department of molecular photoelectronics in the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ( http://www.iop.kiev.ua/~val/dep/dep_photoelectronic_en.php ).
Several research events are planned. Their dates will be chosen based on the cosmic factors, like Moon cycles and the Mayan calendar. A preliminary stage had been conducted in the research titled “Water – a natural detector of cosmological rhythms”, by M.V.Kurik, Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology.
It is planned to use the Random Number Generators located in the nodes of planetary grid.
The software constituent is based upon the works related to psycho-kinetics conducted by an American physicist Robert G. Jahn in Princeton University.
The exact dates of conducting the research events will be published after the required number of volunteers has been reached.
We are currently on the 1st stage of the project titled “Noosphere’s Telepathic Network”, which stage is the collecting of required number of volunteers.

These methods are based on the report “The Role of Noo-Constitution in forming of non-verbal (telepathic) interaction”.
Those wishing to participate in the experiment on telepathy should submit an application.

Application form:

1. Name.
2. Country and city of residence.
3. Email.
4. Skype contact.
5. Your desired login and password for the web-site http://www.cosmohealer.com/

Please submit your applications to the following Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Diagnostics of human’s predisposition towards telepathy.

Human’s nativity is an energy matrix of his/her archetype and physical body. This matrix has many different parameters. Some of them are responsible for human’s abilities to psi-phenomena, such as telepathy and management (control) of the Field of Events. Human’s matrix depends on his/her geographical location of birth and is called the natal chart. When a person moves to different location, a shift of the horoscope parameters of such a person takes place. Such a matrix is called the local chart. Depending on the location to which a person moves, a shift of various parameters of horoscope of the person in question occurs. A method based on mathematical approaches has been developed, which allows finding out the various parameters of the human’s energy matrix. One of such parameters is the ability towards telepathy. This ability can be strengthened or weakened, depending on the location of residence. A special computer program has been created, which scans the atlas of 250 000 locations and forms a list of those places, where the person’s telepathic abilities are amplified.


Part of my report “ forming of non-verbal (telepathic) interaction”.

In order to explain what the process of telepathy and that of the other phenomena consists of, we must understand the structure and nature of the Universe, as well as the way energy exchange takes place in nature.The Universe has a holographic nature, and functions like the Internet. It is a huge network of holographic computers connected among themselves in time and space.Let us return to the Mayan calendar. We know that there exist 13 reference frequencies in 20 dimensions. These are the frequencies the Holographic Computers of the Universe function with.Planets are the avatars of the reference frequencies. Fractal planetary channels are linked to them. With their help the energy and information exchange between the holographic computers of various objects occurs. They are the ones that determine the name of the Noosphere Crystalline Module.
All the thoughts are nothing but electrical impulses, surrounded by electro-magnetic field of energy. This field is capable of «moving» (transferring itself) with the speed, unimaginable for human mind. In our project we shall transmit the images, based on visualization.Telepathy functions in the mode of direct transmission from a mind to a mind through a thought.Above the thought is the language of the light; I’m not aware of what is higher than the language of the light.
What (wherein) is the beauty of telepathy? It is in the fact that communication comes out to occur in a pure way, that it does not go through the mental filters of the ordinary mind.The more we develop ourselves spiritually, the more we remember and the more knowledge is open for us, as initially we are the creatures of infinite wisdom.The number of people who receive instructions through a telepathic channel becomes larger and larger. These messages carry within themselves the key codes, knowledge of sacral geometry and the higher knowledge.Telepathy should be viewed as a means of communication between the higher levels of human intelligence, regardless of the individual peculiarities of any personality.Telepathy is a form of communication, which is being simply “imbibed” by a human, without any explanations and interpretations. It is an energy exchange on the level of higher intelligence, an integral property of which is the Knowledge.

Ludmila Puterbrot (Los Angeles) -"Noosphere Art Wave" project coordinator


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