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Noosphere Crystal Module

Noosphere Crystalline Module – a scheme of the main crystal of Atlantis.

Noosphere Crystal Module is a one of the energy-information cells that make up the Noosphere. The Atlanteans’ civilization possessing this lore had built the Atlantis’ Main Crystal and used it for obtaining energy, construction of the pyramids, as well as in the capacity of Atlantis’ Star Gate. It consists of three main elements:

the first element is an energy DNA helix which is a holographic memory of the nonlocal quantum computer. There are basic algorithms for independent operation of the module and records of the exchange of information through the inter-dimensional temporal channels of the Noosphere embedded in it. DNA has a multilevel memory structure with multiple layers of information. The choice of the layer with the requested information is performed by changing the laser wavelength and the readout beam angle of scanning.

The second element is a multi-dimensional polymorphic crystal, which is a non-local quantum computer, consisting of the informational circuit. This circuit distributes the energy of Bioplasm in response to external signals and is controlled by a generator of coherent radiation, which is used to record the scanning of holographic DNA (the memory in the form of a helix located inside the multi-dimensional crystal). The crystal itself has several axes of symmetry, which show its position relative to the axis of rotation of Bioplasm. The edges of the crystal are the inductance circuits generating energy to power the computer when Bioplasm is moving around them. Vertices of the crystal are emitters of energy, and the sides of the crystal are energy hubs. The crystal can have different configurations depending on the dimension octave of its projections. Kepler had depicted the structure of this crystal in the form of Platonic solids located between the orbits of Solar System’s Planets. This scheme is known under the name of Kepler’s Space Cup.
The third element is Bioplasm. It represents the energy plasma membrane, which holds the crystal. At the same time, Bioplasm can serve as the source of energy power used by the generator crystal which forms the hologram of the object. In addition, Bioplasm forms the crystal cones, which are the vortices that open portals between dimension octaves, which lead to formation of space channels in the Kozyrev space. These channels are used for information and energy exchange between the crystal modules in space and time. The vortex cavities of Atlantis’ Crystal create the star gate, which open portals through the time and space.
Bioplasm, has a spherical shape, which rotates at certain angles to the axes of symmetry of the crystal, forming a torsion field, consisting of a crystal cones, called the space microvortices. The direction of Bioplasma rotation indicates the polarity of the hologram radiated by the crystal module. It is known that Bioplasms of the same polarity are attracted to each other, but the opposite repulse each other. Of interest is that positive information spins Bioplasm in one direction and negative information in the opposite.
Crystal cones have the properties of informational nature, they convey information. The transmission of information occurs via quantum teleportation of a number of Bioplasm particles which are in a confused state. The thought has a torsion nature, due to the fact that these torsion fields are an unavoidable component of any electromagnetic field. Therefore, man perceives and transforms thoughts, both in time and space.
Noosphere Crystal Modules are holographic computers connected to the global space Internet. They are identical in structure and are divided into several types, depending on the program, embedded in each crystal module. For example, holograms of a human physical body and its energy-informational system, link his subtle nature with physical world. hologram of plants, animals, minerals, and various items of land, water, planets, stars and galaxies that merge into planetary network and are a part of a global network of Noosphere are of the same nature. Entities, living in subtle worlds and other dimentions, also fit into these categories Extraterrestrial civilizations and their curators as well as teachers, angels, and opposing "entities", such as different viruses, poisons and other negative manifestations also have their own holograms and crystal modules. Another types of holograms are egregors. They are complex, energy-informational formations, created and supported by the thoughts and actions of people which are under the aegis of various planets. Egregors consist of one or more crystal modules interacting with each other in a hierarchical way. An example can be modules of nations connected to the modules of states, which, in turn, are combined into a single "internet network of mankind" (INM). INM is considered a part of the Earth Noosphere and it already is a part "of the universe Internet." All these networks can be represented as Internet servers, which store sites of Akash cronicles.One way of using Noosphere Crystal Module is a Field of Events of Mankind, which consists of events of individual nations. The modules in this case are the particles of the mosaic that forms the Field of Events. The field size depends on the number of channels formed by the exchange of information between different modules.The number of channels, in turn, depends on the power and frequency of formation of the crystal cones. Energy for their formation comes from Module Bioplasm. With a weak, distorted Bioplasm flow different scenarios of realization of desired events are practically not formed at all. Instead of the right temporal-spatial channels, channels "Parasites are formed," which suck the energy out of the Crystal modules responsible for the desired events. For the man in the physical sphere, this is expressed into failure, health problems and lack of energy for normal operation.
Techniques of Noosphere harmonization have been developed in the Noosphere school, a part of which are spiritual teaching and healing. Harmonisation of people in the Field of Events and Health Field is leading to the harmonization of the Noosphere in general.
The state of the Noosphere is characterized by the entropy. Entropy indicates the amount of energy in the system. The greater the entropy, the less energy is in the Noosphere, which leads to its simplification, and often to chaos.Harmonisation of a Man as a member of the Noosphere, means to reduce the amount of entropy in its subtle bodies and in the field of events. It takes place in two stages:
- The first stage is when there occurs negativity cleansing and balancing of Bioplasm of crystal module of a Man and the modules of its Field of Events. At this stage harmonization of the modules of other people takes place and it spreads at a geometric rate to the surroundings of a given Man. Thus there is a disconnection of the parasitic channel that fed on the energy of Bioplasm of a Man and his Field of Events, not allowing him to develop harmoniously.
- The second stage is when cosmomatrixes are use to form new spatial-temporal positive channels of communication between different crystal modules of both people and events, as well as egregors. This increases the number of cases of favourable situations in the Field of Events of many people.
cosmomatrixes consists of a sequence of Words, Numbers, Sounds, with the right rhythm. They generate a nonlinear torsion fields, which cause activation of dormant DNA codes of language and translates the human body to a higher level of development and functioning.The numbers of cosmomatrixes indicate the phases of a shift between the crystal axes and the axes of rotation of Bioplasm in different dimension octaves. In this case the desired frequency spectrums are formed, which are the space-temporal addresses of the units, among which it is necessary to establish certain information channels for the occurrence of the circumstances leading to the desired result.The frequency spectrums are emitted by the generator and lead to a perturbation of ethereal matter, which forms a crystal cone, and from which there is a directed flow of ether to the unit of the same frequency spectrum. Thus, with the help of cosmo-matrices, it is possible to control the functioning of crystal and Atlantis’ star gate. Another type of cosmo-matrices is the sound torsion holograms received with the help of special equipment through scanning of various objects.

Configuration mechanism occurs when the Crystal Generator receives cosmomatrix by changing the Bioplasm rotation parameters.Adjustment is transmitted through the torsion field, which arose as a result of electromagnetic oscillations of the human brain reading cosmomatrix.
To understand the formation of the Field of Events it is essential to know that it consists of many changing events. This option is being studied by science, which is called Synergy. The Field of Events itself consists of channels and points of bifurcation. Events in the channels are clear and stable and no force can change them. All channels of possible scenarios of events come to a point of bifurcation. At this point we can determine the fate of the nation, the country or the whole humanity, which is part of the Noosphere.
Crystal modules of any type in the field of events are considered as bifurcation points. Spatial-temporal channels are channels of the Field of Event.Each module, which creates a holographic reality has its own cycles and rhythms which can be calculated with the help of astrological planetary cycles. The simultaneous interaction of several cycles can create a hypercycle, which can at the same time be a booster of rare events, or their filter. Studying hypercycles scientists have concluded that there exist circular structures of communication. Their peculiarity is that not only the cause makes up the effect, but often it occurs that an effect makes a cause. This pattern is confirmed by the work of Lazarev "Diagnostics of karma", where he says that the disease is not given to man for past bad deeds, but to ensure that he will not commit them in the future. Under these laws meeting people in the future, we could determine the type of their activities in the past.Correction mechanism of the Field of Event doesn’t consist only in the formation of new spatial-temporal positive channels, but also in the formation of new points of bifurcation. These are turning points of development, at which the choice of one of several scenarios of events takes place. At bifurcation points the system becomes unstable and susceptible to weak effects. A Man  may be at some point a bifurcation point too, but he should have a correctly working Noosphere Crystal Module connected to the high vibratory power sources. Another type of channel formation is the energy-informational interaction with people. At the same time energy channels are formed between their crystals which exchange the information, which contributes to the formation of new scenarios of events. Through these channels the crystals of people instantly share information and experiences that remain in their field. From people with higher levels of vibration the information is transmitted through these channels to people with lower vibrations, which contributes to increasing their frequency range. This contributes to the harmonization of the space by increasing the frequency range of people united by canals, which are formed as a consequence of energy-informational interaction with each other.
People whose crystal modules are bifurcation points of Noosphere are called Cosmohealers. They are connected to Noosphere corrective module that helps them to harmonize the Noosphere. If you look at the planet in a range of subtle bodies, glowing filaments of energy coming from the correction module of Noosphere to Cosmohealers will be seen.  It is located in the Kukulkan pyramid (Chichen Itza, Mexico). The Atlantis’ Crystal is located in one of the dimensions of the pyramid. Their aura is of bright light colours and of large size.Cosmohealers are transformers of high-frequency energy. They process it into a low frequency range and transmit it through the power communication channels to people within their Field of Events.
People united by the same Fields of Events and those which have raised their level of vibration form a Territorial Network of the Light. The more of these networks, the faster harmonization of the Noosphere takes place. The structuring of space around them is taking place and the activation of nodes of planetary grid around which they are located. Therefore, researches were carried out on this subject in 18 countries such as USA, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, Egypt, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia and others. Several movies were filmed and shown on television in order to increase the Networks of the Light. They were of the series about the unknown universe. These films show healing sessions. Torsion fields of people healing by energy that were present at the sessions were preserved on video tape and audio recording. So after watching the viewer connects to the Field of Events of the Territorial Network of the World and becomes a conductor of energy which harmonizes the Noosphere. It is obvious in the case of a viewer from Latvia in 1994, in Riga. After watching the program "the unknown universe" she has received the information in the language of Senzar. 24 pages, describes the operating principles, formulas, diagrams, and map location of the correction module of the Noosphere. It is a kind of timer that activates Cosmohealers during quantum transitions and change of epochs described in the Mayan calendar system. Its purpose is to train people and nature for the transition to a higher vibration level of functioning of the planet which will start with the galactic eclipse which will occur in 2012. The time to use new technologies such as the Internet has come to speed the process of harmonization of Noosphere. With its help you can watch videos after which the viewer enters the Field of Events of a cosmohealer. You can also conduct online conferences and seminars on the topic. This allows activate the Territorial Network of the Light and the planetary grid nodes at the same time around the world. To move to a higher vibration level one should possess the extended crystal module language of the Man.
Wave genetics research has shown the existence of the language of DNA in which the words can be synonyms, and change their meaning depending on their context. Total DNA language consists of 64 words. They are the commands of the programming language of DNA wave biocomputer. An ordinary human being has only 20 commands activated, while the remaining 44 commands are perceived as synonymous to the top 20. People who have been harmonized and connected to a high-range energy sources start to activate dormant DNA computer commands. This leads to the emergence of such abilities as clairvoyance, telepathy, and others. The number of activated commands depends on the energy source with which the crystal of a Man is working. For a successful transition of humanity and the planet into a new time cycle of the Mayan calendar 64 commands of DNA should be activated.
The task of Cosmohealers is to help activate the dormant DNA biocomputer commads of mankind. Methodology of harmonization of a Human and transferring him to a higher vibration level have been tested by healing practices for over 25 years and confirmed by studies in different institutions.
The experimental work was conducted at the Laboratory of Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, at Moscow Medical Academy of Sechenov in 1989, at the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences, at the Department of Professor Volkov, in 1990, at the Cardiology Center of Chazov in 1991. Studies have been conducted jointly with the Committee of Science and Technology of the USSR, in 1990-1992 on the remote diagnostics and treatment procedures for the crews of spacecrafts during flight - two expeditions. Energy-informational study of the satellites of Mars and search of lost Phoebus satellites has been conducted. A research on psycho kinetics has been done in 1992 at the basis of San-Petersburg Military Medical Academy of Sciences.

Ludmila Puterbrot (Los Angeles) -"Noosphere Art Wave" project coordinator


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