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Noosphere Ethic-Ecologic Spiritual School of humanity – “School of Cosmo-healers” is a part of noosphere of Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly. The purpose of the school activities is development and introduction of noosphere harmonization methods and society on the whole.

Leading specialists Ludmila Puterbrot and Anna Borodina have works in this subject and use them in practice for more than 25 years.

The school has developed the course of scientific-practical seminars. Their purpose is to give listeners or readers the point of counting out the coordinates, to be oriented in nature of reality and know the bases of harmonious development of people’s life.


On the initial level of teaching, information about Bioplasma is given as a basic parameter on which successful functioning of a Person and his synchronization with Noosphere depends.

Bioplasma is a shell, which is a conductor of acoustic, electromagnetic, and gravitational waves. It has many layers, in which wave characteristics of vibrations receive desired polarization. This leads to coherent emission of the Person’s crystal.

Bioplasma presents itself a spherical shell with a polymorphic crystal of a Person inside. This crystal is the generator of coherent radiation. Exposing to rays DNA, it forms the holographic phantoms of thin bodies, on basis of which the physical body of a Person is built. Another function of this crystal forms two-way communication and synchronization with a planetary grade which presents power framework of Noosphere and contains its informative fields.

Every crystal verge has numerical oscillation parameters in itself, on which the length of radiated wave and DNA irradiation angle depends. The read-out depth of a Person’s informative matrices depends on these parameters, holographic projections construction on their basis and forming of communication channels with the Noosphere.

When the Bioplasma is distorted the Person’s crystal stops functioning normally, distortion of holographic phantoms takes place and the frequency range of forming communication channels with noosphere is violated.

As a result, synchronization of a Person with Noosphere and correct energyinformative exchange with the environment is violated. It results in health and field of events problems.To avoid this, it is necessary to know the state of Bioplasma, do right diagnostics and correction.
Graphically it looks as well known coordinate scale of ХУ, where the norm of Bioplasma looks as a primordial egg. The distorted Bioplasma shows presence of viruses, energy-essences, influence of radiation, the intoxication of organism by poisons. It shows what planet influences a person at the moment and what planet should influence a person.

After that, space laboratories on diagnostics of the infected radiation, correction of karma failures and wrong use of spiritual potential start operating. Bioplasma is the multilevel system which provides feeding for a person’s crystal.

It has many layers. They can be alive or dead, each responsible for a certain harmonic or overtone of radiating DNA generator. Except for distortion of Bioplasma form it can have contamination that causes weakening in some areas of holographic phantoms. Bioplasma accepts energies of different frequency ranges the standards of which are planets with cipher codes as numerical parameters.

After harmonization of Bioplasma it is possible to transform it on higher level works that is to switch to planet energy with other numerical parameters. In this case frequency of crystal generator work changes – it results in changing of DNA read-out depth and opening of new possibilities of a Person. The size of the integral field of a Person depends on a planet, being the source of Bioplasma feeding.

The higher numeral code of a planet, the larger the radius of the integral field of a Person. At clean Bioplasma harmonic and overtones the generator will start to work in the proportions of gold section. They strukturize space which getting in the integral field, results in its cleaning and harmonization.
Noosfera has its own Bioplasma in which a planetary crystal is included. It consists of nodes and verges. Nodes of the crystal present chakras of the planet, and verges are meridians through which energy passes.

This crystal provides the sweep of ionosphere informative matrices and stable work of its hologram.

People are bind to Noosphere by means of energy chanels. They are formed on the basis of cowork of generators of a Person and Noosphere in the synchronous mode. If the Bioplasma of a Person is distorted, it prevents correct energyinformative exchange with Noosphere.

During synchronization a Person gets the access to the planet informative field and can get and send necessary information. Nowadays there are many negative events on the planet which contaminate Noosphere, what results in violating its normal functioning.

We developed the method of Noosphere harmonization through individual number series. Its essence is that a Person gets an individual number series which aligns his personal Bioplasma and clears it from the negative.

After that Bioplasma is transferred to higher planetary level of energy and synchronized with the generator of Noosphere. That leads to creating of steady communication channel. The next stage is connected with resonance of the systems. The Noosphere crystal begins to selftune on the generator frequency of a Person who gets energy on higher level of number series. This energy is passed on the verges of planet crystal and erradiated to all planet districts.

The more people simultaneously use number series the stronger resonance will be and quicker cleaning will take place and transferring on the new level of vibrations of Noosphere. That will allow to carry a galactic eclipse in 2012 more favourably, as far as frequency of the planet will change, people with the distorted Bioplasma will not be able to function synchronously with the planet organism, that will result in large problems with health and cause unpleasant events in life.

Ludmila Puterbrot (Los Angeles) -"Noosphere Art Wave" project coordinator
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