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The "Noosphere Art Wave" Project.

Сonference "Carpathian Star Gates and the Places of Power"


Part 1. Noosphere correction module
Part 2. Portals. Pyramids’ Activation
Part 3. Noosphere Ethical-Ecological Spiritual School of Humanity – “School of Cosmo-healers”
Part 4. Cosmo-healers’ activation network.
Part 5. Noosphere Telepathic Network

Part 6. Activation of the crystal skulls.
Part 7. Work with the countries' egregors.
Part 8. Aura fixation and properties of water.
Part 9. Noosphere's sounds.
Part 10.Study of sacral symbols' and architecture's energy.
Part 11. Activation keys to the fractal planetary channels
Part 12.Alphabets – the avatars of planets
Part 13. Tzolk'in – a matrix of avatars for reference frequencies of the Universe’s hologram

Purpose  – organization of an expedition to the pyramid which controls the  global  pyramid  system.  It  contains  a  timer  which activates pyramids  throughout  all the globe for harmonization of the noosphere and  gradual  shift  of  planet’s frequency range during the period of change  of  the  planetary  cycles  reflected in the Mayan calendar. A preliminary  stage  is  the  deciphering  of  the ancient languages of Atlanteans,  Lemurians  and  other civilizations. Information on which had been obtained in Riga in 1994, in a 24-page text written in Senzar language.  It  is planned to conduct research on the space structuring in  pyramids  with  the  help  of audio-matrices of images, planets and stars.

The project participants include:

- Noosphere Forum
- Fundacion Soliris
- Institute of new cosmology and the science of time
- The Tesla Science Foundation
- “School of Cosmo-healers”
-  Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly (NSEWA, World Assembly)
- Stavropigion University
- Non-commercial Partnership – Biology of XXI-st century
- Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology
- Ukrainian Academy of Healing
- Western Center of Energy and Information Science
- Public Institute of Energoinformational Technology and Sociotechnical expertise

Those wishing to participate in the project may send applications to the following email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ludmila Puterbrot (Los Angeles) -"Noosphere Art Wave" project coordinator
Ludmila Puterbrot is a doctor-informo-therapist, who receives and applies her knowledge through contact with the Cosmos. She is an Academician of International Academy of Energy and Informational Science, effective member of the International Academy of the Clairvoyance disciplines, a specialist of traditional folk medicine. Ludmila is awarded with the medal "Elite" and she has the master  degree of  "Golden hands of Russia," she is an expert of the Russian association of "Ecology of unknown". Ludmila  takes part in the international conferences on the study of subtle ecological interactions and energy informational exchange in nature, she is a researcher of influence of cosmic and biosphere factors upon human nature.


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